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The Best Longboard Brands 2021

Best Longboard Brands

If you’re new to longboarding, you may be searching for guidance on the best longboard brands. This is why we’ve created a guide on the best brands for you to use, in order to buy the perfect longboard for your skating style.

If you have been reading our guide on the best beginners longboard, this may motivate you to search for the most suitable brands for you.

Down below in this article is a guide on the best suggestions for brands. Make sure that you look for important features, such as the longboard trucks and wheels, as these can effect your skating performance.

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This set list of recommendations do not follow a determined set of rules to set a brands position on this list. Their places on this article is primarily based on their reputation in the longboard community and their popularity in blogs.

Within this article are the longboard brands flagship longboard, with a link to their product page. If you are a new skater and are searching for a longboard, then this blog should guide you to a better decision.

Your choice should be based on factors like:

  • Design Capabilities
  • Material Quality
  • Online Reviews
  • Price

Before you begin skating, its important to purchase protective gear such as a pair of longboard slide gloves and a helmet.

Down below is a list of the best longboard brands that you can purchase online.

The Best Longboard Brands

1. Loaded Boards – Best Overall Longboard Brands

Loaded Boards have been one of the best longboard brands in existence since their beginning in 2002. This is because they provide some of the best longboards for dancing and freestyle. Moreover they work along side with high-performance brands like Orangatang and Paris, in order to produce market leading setups, like its Loaded Boards Tan Tien Longboard.

In terms of features of Loaded Boards Tan Tien Longboard, they include:

  • Trucks: Paris 180mm, 50° trucks.
  • WheelsOrangatang 70MM, 80a.
  • Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2.
  • Deck: Bamboo & Fiberglass design
  • Longboard Length: 39.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 8.75 Inches
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2. Quest Longboards

The best longboard brands for beginners is Quest Longboards. This is because they have been a well establish longboard USA based manufacturer, that have been producing affordable longboards for beginners such as the Quest Rorshack Longboard. Moreover they have a diverse product range that come in a unique range of colors, designs and graphics.

In terms of features of Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard, they include:

  • Trucks:  7-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Wheels70MM, 78A, PU wheels.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 speed bearings.
  • Deck: 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple.
  • Longboard Length: 44.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.0 Inches
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3. VOLADOR – Best Beginner Longboard Brands

Another awesome brand up for consideration is Volardor, who produce high performance and affordable longboard setups. The impressive part of Volardor Longboards is that they’re produced with a multitude of art works and models to match different skater’s styles. In addition to that, the Volardor Longboards are constructed from environmentally friendly wood from sustainable sources, such as the Volardor Basic Cruiser.

Other features of Volador Longboard, include:

  • Trucks: Aluminium, 7-Inch, Reverse Kingpin Trucks.
  • Wheels: 70*52MM, 80 A PU wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Precision Bearings.
  • Deck: 8-ply maple-wood.
  • Longboard Length: 40.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.0 Inches
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4. Sector 9 Longboards

What is considered to be the king of longboard brands is Sector 9. This is because they have been producing best quality downhill and cruising longboards in the industry since 1993. In addition to that they have a variable amount of board shapes and styles on offer with incredible performance standards. However they do come at a more pricier cost, due to their high performance components.

In terms of features of Sector 9 Longboards, they include:

  • Trucks:  7-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Wheels70MM, 78A, PU wheels.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 speed bearings.
  • Deck: 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple.
  • Longboard Length: 44.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.0 Inches
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5. Rayne Longboards – Best Downhill Longboard Brands

One of the best downhill longboard brands is Rayne Longboards. This is because they are constructed from high quality bamboo and fiberglass, giving them outstanding quality and durability. This can be shown by their Rayne Demonseed Longboard.

Other features of the Rayne Demonseed Longboard, include:

  • Deck: Bamboo & Fiberglass.
  • Longboard Length: 39.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.5 Inches
  • Trucks: Atlas, Ultra-lightweight, 180MM.
  • Wheels: 70-millimeter, 77A Rayne Envy Wheels.
  • Bearings: ABEC 5.
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6. Atom Longboards

A great skater built longboard brand is Atom, who specialise in producing drop-throughs, hybrids and pintail longboards at an affordable prices. As well as having a very diverse range of longboards, they Atom longboards also have awesome graphics, which make them highly wanted among experienced skaters. The best choice for example of this is the Atom Lowrider Longboard.

Features of the Atom Lowrider, include:

  • Deck: 9-ply maple wood laminate.
  • Longboard Length: 39.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.5 Inches
  • Trucks: Navigator Drone, 40 degree base, 180MM.
  • Wheels: 70-millimeter, 78A urethane.
  • Bearings: ABEC 5.
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7. Yocaher Longboards

Yocaher is one of the oldest and notable longboard brands out there, as they have been producing excellent mid-range priced longboards since 1975. These longboards are primarily aimed at downhill skating or cruising. Plus larger skaters tend to prefer them, as they are produced from sturdy hardwood Maple. This is shown by the Yocaher Blank Longboard.

Other features of the Yocaher Blank Longboard, include:

  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Wheels70 MM PU wheels, 78a
  • Deck: 9 Ply Maple Construction
  • Longboard Length: 41.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 10.0 Inches
  • Trucks: 7″ HD7 Heavy Duty 2 Tone aluminium alloy trucks
  • Longboard Style: Freestyle
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8. Playshion – Best Cheap Longboard Brands

A new up and coming brand is Playshion, as they’re a reletively new Chinese longboard brand, that was created in 2013. Moreover, they have over 30 varieties of their longboards on the market to suit anyone’s needs or styles. Many skaters praise their stability and control, which is shown through their popular Playshion Drop Through Longboard.

In terms of features of the Playshion Drop Through Longboard, they include:

  • Bearings: ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Wheels70MM, 78A, PU wheels.
  • Deck: 8 Ply Maple.
  • Longboard Length: 39.0 Inches
  • Longboard Width: 9.0 Inches
  • Trucks:  7-inch Aluminum trucks.
  • Longboard Style: Freestyle
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9. Rimable Longboards

One of the best longboard brands for beginners is the Rimable Longboards. This is because they manufacture a huge range of longboards which include cruisers and freestyle longboards, whilst maintaining a budget price for new starters. This can be shown by the Rimable Drop-Through Longboards.

Other features of the Rimable Drop-Through Longboard, include:

  • Deck: 9-ply maple deck
  • Longboard Size: 41.0 Inches
  • Bearings: High-speed lubricant Bearings
  • Trucks: 7.0″ 180 Aluminium Trucks.
  • Wheels70X51MM PU WHEELS With 85A Hardness.
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10. Landyachtz – Most Popular Longboard Brands

One of the most popular longboard brands is Landyachtz Longboards. This is mostly down to their high quality manufacturing, as each of their products is rigorously tested. Moreover they have been producing new bench marking cruising longboards since 1997 and have a unique marketing campaign, where they plant a tree for every longboard sold! A great example of their products is the Landyachtz Dinghy.

In terms of features of the Landyachtz Dinghy Mini Cruiser, they include:

  • Deck: 7-ply maple deck.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7  Spaceball bearings.
  • Trucks: 4.5 Inch Polar Bear TKP Trucks.
  • Longboard Size: 28.5 Inches
  • Wheels63 MM 78A wheels
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Longboard Brands Buying Guide

What Is The Best Longboard Brands For Beginners?

Best Longboard Brands For Beginners

The best entry level longboard brands are Playshion, Rimable, Volardor, Landyachtz and Atom Longboards. These are primarily down to their prices, as they’re more accessible for a new starter. In addition to that, they’re some of the most stable on the market, giving new starters great control. More specific longboard for beginners can be found here.

Is Sector 9 A Good Longboard Brand?

Sector 9 Longboard Brand

Sector 9 is one of the most reputable longboard brands on the market, so yes Sector 9 is a good longboard brand. They have well tested and high quality boards that are suitable for various styles.

What Style Of Longboard Should You Get For Dancing?

Best Longboard Dancing Brand

The longboard market for dancing is heavily saturated, so it can be difficult to find an ideal board. However, you should look out for a double-drop style board, which has a lower platform. This decreases the center of gravity and increase the boards stability. The benefit of this, is that you can move around and dance on your longboard, without losing balance.

What Are The Best Freestyle Longboard Brands?

Best Freestyle Longboard Brand

There are many great freestyle longboard brands, the best freestyle longboard brands are Loaded Boards, Quest and Atom Longboards. This is because they are a lightweight construction, along with a slim dimension, making them incredibly agile in comparison to other longboard types.

What Are The Best Types Of Longboards?

Best Types Of Longboards

There isn’t one super longboard that’ll fit the needs of longboard styles unfortunately. Many people wish to have one for commuting, where as others want one for carving downhill. You need to find out which activity that you’ll be doing the most. By doing this, you’ll be able to narrow your search to a better suited longboard type for yourself.

What Are The Best Longboard Brands For Cruising?

Longboard Brands For Cruising

Cruising is definitely the most populous form of longboarding, with the best longboard cruising brands being Sector 9, Lanyarchtz and Quest. This is because of their durable construction design, along with high performing wheels and bearings. More can be found on our article of the best longboards for cruising.

What Are The Best Electric Longboard Brands?

Best Electric Longboard Brands

Electric Longboards may be seen as the devils work in the longboarding community, however there are some which are great for commuting. These include TeamGee and RazorX, more can be found on our article here.


Overall there are a lot of great longboard brands out there, but this makes the market over saturated with choice. So you need to focus on a style, which will aid in narrowing your search now to a suitable longboard brand. In addition to that, you should check out a longboard brands custom reviews online, to ensure its fit for purpose and that its has a great material construction.

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