The Best Motorcycle Air Filter Oil 2021

Best Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

Motorcycle air filter oil can have a huge effect on your air filter’s air flow performance, in addition to that they also prevent harmful particles from effecting your engine.

The best motorcycle air filter oil is the Maxima Motorcycle Air Filter Oil Treatment, as it has a new Polymer formula, which allows for 4% – 12% more air flow.

Air filter oils come in various amounts and different application types for different types of motorcycles. Be sure that you check out if the oil is specific for only a certain type of motorcycle air filter, such as the K&N Oil is only designed for K&N air filters.

Motorcycle Air Filter Oil Comparison

Air Filter OilAmountMotorcycle Filter Type
Maxima 16 OzAll Motorcycles
Bel-Ray400 MLAll Motorcycles
Lucas Oil1 QuartDirt Bikes
K&N12.25 OzK&N Filters Only
PJ128 OzAll Motorcycles
UNI FILTER5.5 OzAll Motorcycles

The motorcycle air filter oil that you may deem best for your filter, should be waterproof and portable enough that you could store in a pannier or tank bag. Moreover, you want it to provide excellent effectiveness to boost air-flow.

In addition to that, you should check if the oil brand is suitable for your air filter.

Down below is the best motorcycle air filter oil, that will increase filter performance.

The Best Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

1. Maxima Motorcycle Air Filter Oil Treatment

The best premium foam filter oil for your motorcycle is the Maxima Foam Filter Oil Treatment. This is due to it’s intense 3 year development program, which has resulted in their new Polymer formula, which allows for 4% – 12% more air flow and up to 8% more contaminates.

Other features of the Maxima Foam Filter Oil Treatment include:

  • Amount: 1 Quart – 16 Ounces
  • Resists gasoline and water, fogging wash out.
  • Tacky formula, which is safe for all foam filters.
  • Stops filter from drying out and won’t migrate off.

Overall, the Maxima Foam Filter Oil Treament is by far the most superior product out there. Its special solvent doesn’t actually effect the foam element or the cement used to bond them together, it will only keep your engine and filter cleaner for longer and than it ever was before.

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2. Bel-Ray Motorcycle Foam Filter Oil

If you’re searching for foam filter oil for high-performance motorcycles and dirt bikes, then the best filter oil for you is the Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil. This is a very user-friendly application foam filter oil, that has an ultra-viscous formula that forms an oil barrier to trap particles that can cause engine damage.

In terms of features of the Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil, they include:

  • Amount: 400 ML
  • Waterproof formula to prevent clogging when its wet.
  • Ultra-viscous formula that can provide and effect oil barrier to trap micron-sized particles.
  • Ideal for all street, off-road, and racing foam air filter applications

Ultimately, the Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil is one of the most premium product that you could find, which is versatile enough to use on a multitude of motorcycles. In addition to that, its easy to apply and will improve your engine’s airflow massively.

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3. Lucas Oil High Performance Foam Filter Oil

One of the most effective oil’s for foam filters on the market, is Lucas’ Oil High Performance Foam Filter Oil. This is due to its unique low-solvent, low viscosity formula that is designed to penetrate your foam filter’s media, resulting in it trapping dust, so your air flow is vastly improved!

Other features of the Lucas Oil High Performance Foam Filter Oil include:

  • Amount: 1 Quart
  • Waterproof formula to prevent moisture.
  • Effective, even in colder temperatures.
  • Blue coloring, gives you confidence that there s coverage across entire filter area.

Overall Lucas Oil High Performance Foam Filter Oil provides you with an improved airflow for your foam filter. In addition to that, due to its slight tackiness, it’ll make sure that it stays in place throughout is service life.

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4. K&N Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

Another great brand of motorcycle air filter oil, is K&N with their air filter oil. This is a great product to use, especially if you have a K&N filter as well, as both were developed to be used with one another. Moreover, the K&N filter is formulated to improve air filter performance as it quickly penetrates and saturates filter pleats.

Other features of the K&N Motorcycle Air Filter Oil include:

  • Amount: 12.25 Oz
  • Restores air flow efficiency, so your air filter preforms like new.
  • Quickly penetrates and saturates filter pleats.
  • More effective to use on specifically K&N filters.

Ultimately, the K&N Motorcycle Air Filter Oil is one of the most effective oils out there, for improving airflow circulation, especially for K&N foam filters. Red filter oil remains suspended in the pleats of the cotton filter material of High-Flow Air Filters, allowing for exceptional contaminant capture.

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5. PJ1 Foam Filter Oil

A very versatile option for a motorcycle foam filter oil is the PJ1 Foam Filter Oil. This is because it provides you with a quick and easy to use filter maintenance comb option.

In terms of features of the PJ1 Foam Filter Oil, they include:

  • Amount: 28 Ounces
  • PJ1 Spray Foam Filter Oil Treatment provides protection for high-performance engines.
  • Eliminates soaking and dirty filters.
  • Super tacky formulation, removes abrasive particles that are harmful.

Overall, the PJ1 Foam Filter Oil is a practical and versatile option, when it comes to cleaning and protecting your motorcycle’s foam filter. it’s cleaner quickly dissolves dirt and grime and then the treatment protects high performance engines from costly repairs by improving performance of all types of foam filters.

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6. UNI FILTER Motorcycle Foam Filter Oil

The best budget dirt bike foam filter oil is the UNI Filter Oil, as it provides similar levels of engine protection and enhanced performance that big name brands do, without the same large price tag.

Other features of the UNI Filter Motorcycle Foam Filter Oil include:

  • Amount: 5.5 Oz
  • Oil prevents serious engine damage and promotes longevity.
  • Assists with trapping micro-particles of dirt for better filtration.
  • Sticky filter oil for high-performance.

Ultimately if you’re searching for value for money, then the UNI Filter is perfect for you. As it can provide you with a proper service and maintenance to ensure that your motorcycle’s foam filter will deliver high performance air-flow for years to come.

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Overall, when considering buying oil for your motorcycles air filter, finding the best one get be difficult as they all share very similar properties in terms of attributes and performance.

All of the suggestions in the article are suitable for types of motorcycles, budgets and filter types. To avoid complications or confusion, if you’re a newbie to motorcycles, its probably worth your while to get a reputable brand that you can rely on from other customer reviews such as Maxima or Bel-Ray. This is because they tend to be versatile and work on a wide variety of motorcycle air filters.

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