The Best Motorcycle Face Mask 2021

Best Motorcycle Face Mask

A motorcycle face mask can be useful piece of clothing, that can keep you comfortable and protected from the elements whilst riding in colder climates.

The best motorcycle face mask is the Grace Folly Half Face Mask. This is down to its angled nose for breath-ability and Velcro for easy fitting around the contours of your face.

Down below is the list of the best motorcycle face masks online today. These face masks are ideal for for various climates and riding environments. Important factors to take into account is material construction for breath-ability. 

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Motorcycle Face Mask Comparison

Face MaskMaterial TypeType Of Mask
Grace FollyNylonHalf-Mask
KINGBIKE NeopreneBalaclava
Self Pro FleeceFull-Face
AstroAI FleeceBalaclava
Novemkada Nylon & CarbonHalf-Mask
ZANheadgear Neoprene Half-Mask
GOT HeadbandMicrofiber Balaclava
KINGGREE Mesh PolyesterBalaclava
Tactical FleeceNeck Gaiter

Whilst searching through the internet for the best face masks, consider areas before buying. This involves mask type as some are suited for different types of motorcycle helmets.

Additionally it is essential to factor material breath-ability, as it could effect goggle fog.

Down below is an article we produced on the best motorcycle face masks available today.

The Best Motorcycle Face Mask

1. Grace Folly Motorcycle Half Face Mask 

The best motorcycle face mask online today is the Grace Folly Half Face Mask. This can be down to its awesome color-way styling and it’s water resistant shell with fleece lining for cold climates.

In terms of the features of the Grace Folly Face Maskthey include:

  • Mask has five vents for air-flow.
  • Angled nose piece to breath easy & reduce goggle fog.
  • Practical Velcro for easy adjust-ability.
  • Cinch up with pull straps to contour your face.
  • 100% Guarantee or money back!

Ultimately this is the most versatile motorcycle face mask out there, that is offered in many different color ranges. It also has premium attributes that other masks don’t offer like the air vents and adjustable Velcro straps.

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2. KINGBIKE Motorcycle Balaclava

The best full-face motorcycle face mask is the KINGBIKE Motorcycle Balaclava Mask. This can be down to its ability to protect you from nature’s elements by wind & water proof panelling over vulnerable areas of your head.

In terms of the features of the KINGBIKE Motorcycle Face Maskthey include:

  • Wind & water proof.
  • Breath-ability premium performance by mesh panels.
  • Mesh panels minimize condensation on goggles.
  • Micro-polar fleece lining to keep you warm.
  • 1-year warranty!

Overall the KINGBIKE is an ideal face mask for those who are in need for a full-face mask. This is down to the fact that its level of comfort and ability to keep you warm is unrivaled in the industry.

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3. Self Pro Winter Face Mask

The best winter motorcycle fact mask is the Self Pro Winter Face Mask. This is due to its ‘CoolMax’ high tech soft polar fleece which preforms unbelievably well in colder climates.

In terms of the features of the Self Pro Face Maskthey include:

  • Universal fit for men & women.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • One size fits all.
  • Versatile enough to use in any outdoor activity.
  • Innovative design with different sewing angle for better fit.

Ultimately if you live in the more Northern States, then this may be the perfect candidate for you as it has all the attributes to keep you warm in the winter climates!

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4. JOEYOUNG Face Mask

The best motorcycle graphic face mask is the JOEYOUNG. This is down to it being offered in over 30 different graphic options and with being produced from 100% premium microfiber.

Other features of the Self Pro Face Mask, include:

  • Universal & multi-use fit for men & women.
  • Dust proof & provides protection against sun.
  • Multi-functional – can be worn in 12 different ways.
  • Microfiber is breathable & stretchable to keep you comfortable.
  • Excellent absorbing & wicking features to keep you dry.

Overall the JOEYOUNG is the best graphic face mask available on the market, it offers awesome attributes along with unbeatable graphic designs.

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5. AstroAI Motorcycle Winter Balaclava

The best motorcycle balaclava for winter is the AstroAI. This can be down to its ultimate protection and versatility which is possible because of its super-fine polar fleece.

In terms of the features of the AstroAI Winter Balaclavathey include:

  • Polar fleece offers incredible warmth and protection.
  • Insulated mesh fabric prevents fogging of goggles.
  • One-year warranty on the balaclava.
  • Versatile enough for other winter outdoor activities.
  • Fit is flexible and design is extremely durable.

Ultimately this is one of the best motorcycle balaclava’s out there as it innovative attributes set it far above its competitors such as with its refined sewing process to increase lifespan.

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6. Novemkada Motorcycle Dust Mask

The best motorcycle face mask for cities is the Novemkada mask. This is because it has effective active Carbon filters that is able to separate 98% particulates, fumes and dust from the air you breathe.

In terms of the features of the Novemkada Motorcycle Dust Maskthey include:

  • Carbon filters which protect you from fumes, dust & particulates.
  • Adjustable nose clip & ear-loop design.
  • Perfect for all weather climates, any time of year.
  • Reusable & washable.
  • Constructed from well built premium Nylon.

Ultimately the Novemkada is the perfect face mask for anyone who is a motorcycle rider in the city, as it is the most adjustable and practical face mask on the market today for this cause.

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7. ZANheadgear Neoprene Motorcycle Mask

The best Neoprene motorcycle mask is the ZANheadgear. This is because it is extremely versatile by being offered in various full/half mask options, along with the various color-ways and style sizes.

Other features of the ZANheadgear, include:

  • Variable sizes & color-ways on offer.
  • Neoprene is the best material for insulation.
  • Stitched outer piping to ensure great fit ad durability.
  • Ideal for other outdoor activities as well as riding.
  • Reversible design – can be worn in reverse or with side out.

Overall you will not find a better Neoprene mask that offers capabilities as the ZANheadgear. This face mask is unrivalled when it comes to be an insulator and keeping you warm!

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8. GOT Headband Motorcycle Balaclava

The most practical motorcycle balaclava online today to purchase is the GOT Headband. This is due to it being a one-size fits all face mask that provides protection against sun rays, winds, dust and cold climates.

In terms of the features of the GOT Headband Motorcycle Balaclavathey include:

  • Extremely comfortable with natural breathable and seamless material.
  • 16 variable ways to wear the balaclava.
  • Lifetime warranty – money back if you’re unhappy.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology.
  • Breathable High-Performance Microfiber Fabric.

Overall this is the best practical motorcycle balaclava on offer to all riders in any climate. Moreover it has some of the coolest design options for a high-quality mask of this caliber.

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9. KINGGREE Motorbike Mask

The most stylish motorbike mask on the market today with the most options in terms of graphics is the KINGGREE mask. This can be down to it being able in over 36 different design options!

In terms of the features of the KINGGREE Motorbike Maskthey include:

  • Durable 4-way stretch – that is one-size fits all.
  • Perfect in hot & cold climates.
  • Fabric is breathable, wrinkle-free and quick drying.
  • High performance Pro Overgrip is super thin stretch for comfort.
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee.

Overall this is the best option for a stylish face mask that you will find online. It has over 36 options from you to choose from, if you can’t find your style here, you wont find it anywhere else!

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10. Tactical Motorcycle Neck Gaiter 

The best motorcycle neck gaiter for protection on the market is the Tactical Neck Gaiter. This is because its a multi-purpose cold climate neck gaiter for outdoor sports as well as motorcycle riding.

In terms of the features of the Tactical Motorcycle Neck Gaiterthey include:

  • Ultimate versatility – This is because it can worn for skiing, ATVing & hunting.
  • Has slots to additionally cover your ears.
  • Stretchy & breathable fabric for comfort.
  • Innovative fleece lining retains heat.
  • Mesh panels for improving airflow.

Ultimately if you’re searching for an awesome neck gaiter for when you’re riding your bike in the colder climates, then this Tactical one will be the perfect candidate for you as attributes such as the ear slots make a real difference in keeping you warm!

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Ultimately whilst searching for the best suited motorcycle face mask for your daily commute or trip, you should factor in some areas before buying. These can be very helpful as buying face masks can be difficult as there are so many to choose from with similar benefits!

However, if you follow a rule-set of searching for premium material construction for comfort, amazing build quality for durability and good value for money. Once you’ve ticked these areas off on your chosen face mask for motorcycle riding, then you know you’ve found the perfect one for you!

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