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The Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands 2021

Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands

A motorcycle paddock stand is a garage essential. This is because it lifts the rear wheel off the ground, making it easier to maintain the left side of the motorcycle.

The best motorcycle paddock stand is the Extreme Max. This is due to it’s versatile maximum wheel width limits and its rubber padding to prevent scratching on your wheels.

Below is an article on the best front and rear motorcycle paddock stands. These are suitable for high-performance and adventure motorcycles. Important considerations are a paddock stands wheel width limitations, as some may be too small for you.

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Motorcycle Paddock Stands Comparison

Paddock StandTypeMaximum Wheel Width Limit
Extreme MaxFront & Rear13.5 Inches
Pit PosseRear13. 7 Inches
MOTO-DFront & Rear15.7 Inches
Venom Sport Rear StandRear14.0 Inches
YITAMOTOR Front & Rear14.5 Inches
Pit BullRear15.25 Inches
Venom Front Fork & RearFront & Rear13.0 Inches

Whilst searching for your ideal motorcycle paddock stand, you should consider a few things before buying. These involve its maximum wheel width limit to see if it will work on your bike and its material construction for sturdiness.

Additionally, it may be more important for it to have rubber padding to prevent scratches.

Down below is an article for the best motorcycle paddock stands online today.

The Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands

1. Extreme Max Motorcycle Front & Rear Paddock Stands

The best motorcycle paddock stand is the Extreme Max. This can be down to its durable frames which are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and feature four caster wheels on each stand for added support and user-friendliness.

In terms of the features of the Extreme Max’sthey include:

  • Front Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 9. 5 Inches to 12. 5 Inches wide.
  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 10.75 Inches to 13.5 Inches wide.
  • Contains rubber padding to prevent scratching & scuffing.
  • Universal fit for most motorcycles.

Ultimately if you’re searching for user-friendly paddock stands for your motorcycle, so that you can easily raise the wheels of the ground to do maintenance work or for storage purposes, then the Extreme Max paddock stands are the best candidate for you!

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2. Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand

The best rear motorcycle paddock stand is the Pit Posse. This can be down to its universal rear stand combo design, which is extremely long lasting as it has heavy duty gauge metal construction that is extremely sturdy and has rubber pads to protect the swing arm.

Features of the Pit Posse’s, include:

  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 8. 7 Inches to 13. 7 Inches wide.
  • Ensured stability with four 4 inch bear wheels for smooth movement.
  • 5-year factory warranty!
  • Manufactured from heavy duty 1.5 inch O.D 15-gauge metal.

Overall if you’re looking for the best rear paddock stand for your sports motorbike, then the Pit Posse is perfect for you as its incredibly practical for your needs. Attributes such as its 4 inch bearing wheels allow for smooth movement, meaning there is no need to use force or do any heavy lifting.

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3. MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands

The best motorcycle paddock stands for high-performance motorcycles is the MOTO-D’s. This because it makes working on high-performing motorcycles easy due to it’s stable and lightweight Aluminum design.

In terms of the features of the Extreme Max’sthey include:

  • Front Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 9.0 Inches to 12.0 Inches wide.
  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits:  10.0 Inches to 15.7 Inches wide.
  • 1-year limited USA warranty.
  • Stable Aluminum construction for stability.

Ultimately if you have a high-performance motorcycle and you need a sturdy paddock stand so you maintain it with ease, then the MOTO-D is an superb choice for you to select from as it’s extremely tough and practical rolling rubber inline wheels for mobility.

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4. Venom Sport Bike Rear Wheel Paddock Stand

The best budget rear wheel paddock stand is the Venom Sport Bike Rear Paddock Stand. This can be down to its professional and fully adjustable design that rivals premium competitors practicality without having the same high-end price!

In terms of the features of the Venom Sport Rear Paddock’sthey include:

  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits:  10.0 Inches to 14.0 Inches wide.
  • Manufactured from heavy duty, high-grade Steel.
  • Oil resistant 3.0 inch wheels.
  • 1.30 Steel tubes for longevity and stability.

Overall the Venom Sport Rear Paddock is one of the best rear paddock stands on the market for the price. You will not find a paddock stand in this price range that offers the same attributes as the Venom Sport does, as it four wheels are capable for providing stability across all terrain.

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5. YITAMOTOR Motorcycle Front & Rear Swingarm Stand

The best user-friendly front and rear paddock stands is the Yitamotor Paddock Stand’s. This can be down to its fully adjustable design, that allows you to adjust the stand to suit virtually any sports bike and motorcycle which makes it perfect for a home garage.

Features of the Yitamotor’s, include:

  • Front Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 9.5 Inches to 12.5 Inches wide.
  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits:  10.75 Inches to 14.5 Inches wide.
  • Incredibly tough welded high-grade solid steel.
  • 4 wheels for stability and mobility, whilst working on your bike.

Ultimately the Yitamotor’s are one of the best user-friendly paddocks stands that any experienced or novice mechanic can use to work on their bike. They are perfect for easy and safe lifting of the front and rear wheels for most general maintenance that you can possible do in a home garage.

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6. Pit Bull Motorcycle Stand

If you’re looking at a high-quality premium motorcycle paddock stand, then the Pit Bull is the most suitable choice for you as no other competitors have better build quality or reputation among riders in the community.

In terms of the features of the Pit Bull Rear Paddock’sthey include:

  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits:  9.625 Inches to 15.25 Inches wide.
  • Width & Height fully adjustable.
  • Lifetime warranty with legendary Pit Bull quality.
  • Ideal for bikes that have low hanging stock rear fenders.

Overall the Pit Bull stands is one of the most premium rear paddock that you can find on the market. It has a unbeatable design that makes it the leading motorcycle stand in the industry!

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7. Venom Motorcycle Front Fork & Rear Paddle Combo Stands

The best rear and front paddock combo stands for beginner motorcycle mechanics are the Venom Sport’s. This can be down to its professional, simple-to-use fully adjustable design that is able to fit most sport bikes!

Features of the Venom Sport’s, include:

  • Front Lift Stand Wheel Fits: 7.5 Inches to 10.5 Inches wide.
  • Rear Lift Stand Wheel Fits:  11.0 Inches to 13.0 Inches wide.
  • Manufactured from high-grade Steel.
  • Engineered with a leverage ratio that makes it easy and simple to use.

Ultimately if you are a beginner mechanic and are searching for a front and rear paddock combo, then this is a perfect pair for you. Attributes like its sturdy four wheels offer incredible stability for all kinds of ground and terrain.

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Overall if you’re looking for the best paddock stand for your motorcycle, you should definitely consider a few areas before buying. These factors can be challenging to distinguish between as paddock stands share similar attributes.

However, if you follow a criteria of finding great maximum wheel width limitation to fit all types of motorcycle wheels, high material build quality and an affordable price, then you definitely found the perfect paddock stand or pair of stands to use in your garage to maintain your motorbike!

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