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The Best Skateboard Backpack 2021

Best Skateboard Backpack For Adults

Investing into a quality skateboard backpack can make transporting your skateboard much more practical, convenient and double up as being multipurpose as it can carry your day-today items.

The best skateboard backpack is the Dakine Mission, which has a large capacity, 17 color variants and breathable air mesh on shoulder straps to keep you comfortable.

Notable factors such as styling, padding and strap types are the main considerations for people to focus on. But before deciding upon a backpack, ensure that it fits your suited preferences regarding capacity and internal pockets/separators.

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Best Skateboard Backpacks

Skateboard BackpackCapacity(Litres)Color Options
Dakine Mission2517
ELEMENT Mohave302
Burton Kilo2723
Dakine Atlas2511
Burton Treble Yell3013
Nike NSW RPM267
DC Bushings232
Dakine Lid 262
Vans Planned302

It can be tempting to lean towards a cheaper example of a skateboard backpack that’ll meet the requirements of having straps to carry your skateboard. Although, it’ll be in your interest to go above and beyond as many of these backpacks are multipurpose.

Choosing a backpack can be an issue as there are many different board strap options. Although you should ensure that you use a backpack that has simple to use, user friendly straps as this will hinder your convenience of travelling with your board.

A suitable skateboard backpack that goes above and beyond is definitely a worth while investment for any skater, as they can make travel with your board easy to do. Below is the list of the best skateboard backpacks that come in a range of sizes and styles for any level of skater.

Dakine Mission Skateboard Backpack

The Dakine Mission is the best skateboard backpack available to a skater on the market today. This is because it is a long lasting 600D polyester, lightweight stylish backpack that comes in over 17 color variants.

Other features of the Dakine Mission Backpack include:

  • 6 pockets
  • Secret valuables pockets
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 9 x 20 x 14
  • Vertical skateboard carry buckle strap
  • Compartment capacity 25 liters
  • Weight : 1.5 LBS
  • Detachable waist band to reduce bottom swinging
  • Breathable air mesh on shoulder straps
  • High quality zippers

This is a super practical skateboard backpack, it offers so many practical and more high quality features. These features, such as the design variants along with the waist band and adjustable sternum strap to keep it on the shoulders puts the Dakine Mission backpack above the rest of the market.

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ELEMENT Mohave Skateboard Backpack

If you’re looking for the best beginners skateboard backpack, then the Element Mohave is probably the most suited backpack you’ll find. This is because it is a modern classic design manufactured from hard wearing 600D polyester and 1000D polyester on the bottom which is exceptionally strong and rip-resistant.

Other features of the Element Mohave Backpack include:

  • Side water bottle mesh sleeves
  • Front drop pocket
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 8 x 19 x 14
  • Stow-able front skateboard straps
  • Compartment capacity 30 liters
  • Weight : 1.6 LBS
  •  Laptop sleeve
  • Top tricot sunglasses pouch
  • Solid construction zippers

This backpack is exceptionally fitting for any beginner rider who may use it casually not just for skateboarding but also in general day-to-day activities. This is because it has specialised features such as padded shoulder straps, with a sternum strap at the appropriate height for skateboarding.

Other features which benefit the skaters are that it has an internal laptop sleeve to protect computers and ergonomic, stretchy outer compartment material to allow for stretch so that the bag can fit a lot of things within it as well as carrying a skateboard.

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Burton Kilo Skateboard Backpack


If you’re on the hunt for a multipurpose skateboard backpack, then the Burton Kilo is a suitable backpack for you. This is because the backpack has an large main compartment that features internal organization to allow you to separate components within your backpack.

Other features of the Burton Kilo Backpack include:

  • Durable polyester construction
  • Rip-stop type backpack
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 6 x 17.5 x 11.5
  • Tablet sleeve
  • Main compartment capacity 27 liters
  • Weight : 1.5 LBS
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Main compartment features internal separators
  • Lifetime warranty

This backpack is an ideal option for any skater looking for a multipurpose skateboard backpack. This is because it boasts of its surplus features such as its outside zippered accessory pocket, inside zippered mesh pocket with a key clip and a inside hook & loop secured slip pocket.

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Dakine Atlas Skateboard Backpack

If you’re in the market for an agile and nimble skateboard backpack, then the Dakine Atlas is the a big contender for that spot. This is because it is a lightweight backpack with a strong, rip-resistant outer layer.

Other features of the Dakine Atlas Backpack include:

  • Durable 600D polyester design
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 7 x 18 x 10
  • Capacity 25 liters
  • Weight : 1.5 LBS
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Skateboard carry straps

Overall this may be a agile and small skateboard backpack, although it comes with subtle impressive features such as fleece-lined sunglass pocket and a sturdy hook and loop straps to carry your skateboard.

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Eastsport Skateboard Backpack

If you’re looking for the perfect budget skateboard back that won’t break the bank, then the Eastsport backpack is for you. This is because it comes with a surplus amount of features such as an interior tech pocket along with a side mesh hydration pocket for a large bottle.

Other features of the Eastsport Backpack include:

  • Ergonomically constructed lumber support padded back
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 7 x 18 x 12
  • Capacity 27 liters
  • Weight : 1.2 LBS
  • Durable Dual Front Velcro Straps
  • Interior Tech Pocket
  • Comfort rubberized top handle
  • Ultra padded adjustable shoulder straps
The Eastsport backpack is unmatched by rivals in the same price range as it offers the skater with features that are only offered with backpacks double it’s price. These include its side mesh pockets and its multiple front zip pockets which ensure that all of your precious items are kept safe.
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Burton Treble Yell Skateboard Backpack

Burton is the main competitor to beat alternatives with a range of backpacks available online. They’re a massive brand and their most popular back pack is the Burton Treble Yell, which boasts of its stretchy and durable 600D polyester outer material.

Other features of the Burton Treble Yell backpack include:

  • Interior padded sleeve
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 8 x 18.5 x 12
  • Capacity 30 liters
  • Weight : 0.75 LBS
  • Mesh water bottle pockets on the side for easy access 
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable sternum belt
  • Webbing front skate straps
The Burton Treble Yell is an excellent choice out of the Burton range as it has exceptional features such as its cushioned ergonomic shoulder harness which keeps you comfortable whilst carrying a skateboard additionally.
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Nike NSW RPM Skateboard Backpack

If you’re looking for a stylish skateboard backpack then the Nike NSW RPM backpack is the ideal product for you.  This is because it has a superior stylish all over Nike print as well being constructed from water-resistant coated outer material allowing your items to remain dry.

Other features of the Nike NSW RPM backpack include:

  • Board carrying system
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 8 x 21 x 11.5
  • Capacity 26 liters
  • Weight : 1.75 LBS
  • External zippered laptop compartment
  • Interior mesh compartment
  • Water-resistant coated 600D polyester
  • Stabilizing sternum strap

Overall the Nike backpack has a superior style design over its competitors in the market. This is exceptional as it is also able to demonstrate a high level of features such as multiple easy-access pockets and curved padded shoulder straps.

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DC Bushings Skateboard Backpack

The DC Bushings backpack is a great candidate for a casual riders skateboard backpack. This is because its offered at an affordable price with luxury features such as its constructed 100% from nylon which allows it to be stuffed and stretched without losing its durability or looks.

Other features of the DC Bushings backpack include:

  • Dimensions(Inches) : 6 x 19 x 13
  • Capacity 23 liters
  • Weight : 1.5 LBS
  • Two color-ways
  • Padded and suspended laptop sleeve
  • Skate straps

If you’re a casual skater that’s looking for a basic and multipurpose use backpack, then the DC Bushings backpack offers incredible value for money. Reasons that can be affiliated to this can be factors such as its external mesh pockets and the interior accessory organiser which increase the usability of the backpack massively.

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Dakine Lid Skateboard Backpack

If you’re in the upper market of skateboard backpacks market and are looking at getting a more luxurious option, then the Dakine Lid backpack is the best option for you. This is because its features list boasts of like its adjustable board straps for any kind of board and its unique buckle strap system instead of a zipper system.

Other features of the Dakine Lid backpack include:

  • Dimensions(Inches) : 9 x 20.5 x 16.5
  • Capacity 26 liters
  • Weight : 1.65 LBS
  • One color-way
  • Skateboard carry straps
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Padded sleeve that is suitable for 15″ laptops

Overall this backpack has a very eye-opening, stylish design that is exceptionally durable as its constructed from 600D polyester. Although it may be on the more pricey side, it is one of the most luxurious skateboard backpacks available to a rider.

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Vans Planned Skateboard Backpack

The final skateboard backpack on this list is the Vans Planned, which is a suitable multipurpose backpack for any casual skater. This is because it comes with the basic double skate straps for your board, as well as having a large capacity for your items to be kept safe.

Other features of the Vans Planned backpack include:

  • Dimensions(Inches) : 5.75 x 19 x 13
  • Capacity 30 liters
  • Weight : 1.55 LBS
  • Two color-ways
  • Skateboard carry straps
  • Zippered side pockets

Overall the Vans Planned skateboard backpack is great for any casual skater who needs the multipurpose backpack for general day-to-day tasks as it doubles up as an extremely durable product, as it’s manufactured from 600D polyester.

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Skateboard Backpack Buying Guide

Skateboard backpacks can be a practical purchase for any skater. This is because a proper skateboard backpack will be tough wearing and do not get easily damaged.

The best backpacks will be multipurpose where they’ll have internal separators that allow you to store you laptop for instance. Moreover they’ll have useful smaller internal pockets for your multi skate tools or cameras for filming.

Photo sourced from Spencer Nuzzi

Additionally, more and more skateboard backpacks are becoming more functional and stylish whilst remaining at a budget based price range so that they’re available for all skaters. This means finding yourself a perfect skateboard backpack that suits your preferences a more easier task, especially if you follow this guide below which will push you in the right direction in order for you to make a suitable purchase.

Board Straps

Board straps are probably on the top of the list of important factors to look at whilst purchasing a skateboard backpack. This is because it allows you to be capable of carrying your board whilst your not riding on the outside of your backpack.

Carrying capability should be high on your priority list., this is why you should only consider backpacks with straps. You should also analyse how the straps work as some can be a Velcro, buckle or string-tie system.

You should also examine the board strap’s user friendliness as some can be complicated to use. Moreover, you should double check the dimensions to see if they’re wide enough for your deck and if you can manually adjust them for your board.

Best Skateboard Bag
Photo sourced from Spencer Nuzzi

A high quality board strap should be durable and user-friendly to allow it to cope with the weight and size of a skateboard. Additionally it should be quick and simple to use such as the Velcro or buckle option, which is most likely the reason to why they’re the most popular option.

Final points to put out there about the board straps are that they’re actual ability to carry your board. This is because the distance between the clip ends should be your skateboard’s width, which is 8 inches apart. Moreover they should be able to adjust between 1-2 inches so it can fit a regular 8 inch board easily or if it’s a smaller or cruiser board.

Backpack Fit – Is it Comfortable Enough To Wear?

All skateboard backpacks should be a comfortable fit as they should be functionally designed so that they’re comfortable wearing whilst skating for long periods of time.

Make sure the attachment contact points on the backpack have a sternum strap to ensure that the backpack does not fall off or sway from one side to the other.

Finally, ensure that all straps are adjustable as fitting will be subjective to the individual wearing it and how tight against your back you wish the backpack to be as this will effect comfort.

Shoulder Straps

An important feature of a skateboard pack that aids functionality and comfort for a skater is the shoulder straps. This is because the best compatible shoulder straps will do more than just help you carry a backpack with ease.

The best compatible shoulder straps will allow you to distribute the weight of the backpack and the board you’re carrying evenly so that parts of your upper body are over-stressed and strained.

Best Skateboard Backpack For Street
Photo sourced from Spencer Nuzzi

Key points to analyse with shoulder straps is to ensure that they’re wide enough so that the backpack does not dig into one pin point in the centre of your shoulders.

Moreover they should be suitably padded to ensure that they’re comfortable and that it’ll allow you to carry the backpack for long periods of time. Another consideration would be the durability of the shoulder straps regarding the stitching and the webbing as they can play a role on how long lasting they’ll be.

Capacity of the Skateboard Backpack

An important factor of a skateboard backpack will be the capacity of the backpack, which is the total volume of the inside pockets and compartments for storage. Most manufactures will have a total capacity of anywhere from 22 litres to 30 litres(this is not one compartment, this considers all available space in the bag e.g. internal pockets and outside the main compartment pockets).

To pick the most suitable backpack based on the capacity of it, you must consider what you will be carrying in it everyday. This is because some come with more internal pockets to separate items and some are very multipurpose as they come with a laptop pocket which means you can use it for work or school gear.

Photo sourced from Jecky Beng

Based on this logic, you should ideally consider what your main use of your skateboard backpack would be as if you do not carry many daily items, its probably more practical for you to purchase a lower capacity one. This is because extra space becomes wasted and is added weight that gets in the way.

A problem associated with a bag that is too big than needed is that they tend to slop whilst riding, which can make balancing on the board more difficult.

Comfort Whilst Skating

As mentioned briefly it is important to have a skateboard backpack with padding. This is because with your items and skateboard on your back, you’ll want to have padding to remain comfortable.

These include shoulder and back padding as they will alleviate stress and pressure points on your body and allow you to be comfortable.

Photo sourced from Mackar Bag

Furthermore, you should consider mesh material around the backpack as this will allow heat build up around your back and shoulders to escape. This will allow you to remain cool and comfortable.

Material Construction

Material can play a very important role in a purchasing decision regarding a skateboard backpack. This is because most premium backpacks will be produced from 600D polyester as its lightweight, durable and stretchy.

Furthermore, you should consider the material of your bags bottom as it’ll need to be reinforced if your considering of storing precious items such as laptop as you’ll need them to be protected.


A final important factor to push is that a skateboard backpack should be exceptionally durable as they’re going to take a lot of abuse in their life.

Features you should key an eye out for is if the backpack has a reinforced bottom and if the shoulder straps have connected stitches and webbing.

Skateboard backpack’s will have a tough wearing life, you should consider putting more money into one to ensure its durability.

In Conclusion

Overall if you’re searching for a new skateboard backpack you should make a logical decision based on features that’ll make you experience comfortable and functional. These factors you should keep an eye out for are padding for comfort, capacity for practicality and backpack construction for long lasting durability.

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