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The Best Skateboard Hardware 2021

Best Skateboard Hardware

It is essential for skaters to find the best skateboard hardware, as it is used to connect your trucks to your skateboard deck. It is important to have a decent set as it effects a skaters performance.

The best skateboard hardware is the Independent Genuine Hardware Bolts, which have the best material construction, size & color options for a skateboard.

In this article will be various examples of sets of skateboard hardware. Hardware bolts can have important features such as length, color, fitment head and material construction. Be sure to check these factors out.

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Best Skateboard Hardware

Skateboard HardwareSizes OptionsSet Inclusion
Independent Genuine48 bolts & 8 lock nuts
Fireball Dragon88 bolts, 8 Washers & 8 lock nuts
PIG Skewers 18 bolts & 8 lock nuts
Blanks Mounting Hardware 18 bolts & 8 lock nuts
Vj Skateshop Screws58 bolts & 8 lock nuts
Bones 1-Inch18 bolts & 8 lock nuts

Overall when looking for the best set of skateboard hardware bolts, there is a few important factors to prioritise such as the length of the hardware bolts to ensure it fits your deck and trucks correctly!

Moreover, consider the color of the hardware bolts as you can use colors to represent the nose end of your skateboard.

Below is a list of the best skateboard hardware bolts for all skaters.

1. Independent Genuine Skateboard Hardware Bolts

The best skateboard hardware available to any skater today is the Independent Genuine Hardware Bolts. This is because it offers a professional Phillips standard cross head pattern that is manufactured from tough steel that are specified to the highest of standards.

Other features of the Independent Genuine Skateboard Hardware Bolts include:

  • Four different color variants.
  • Four different sizes for ultimate compatibility.
  • Nylon lock nuts.
  • Standard Phillips Cross Head Pattern – Compatible with many screwdrivers.
  • Reputable brand with long history of build quality

Overall, if you’re looking for a durable set of hardware bolts, then look no further than the Independent hardware bolts.

This is because they’re very user friendly, with extended threaded shafts to ensure that there is no damage to your high quality build setup.

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2. Fireball Dragon Skateboard Hardware Set


If you’re in the market for a set of user-friendly skateboard hardware bolts that are compatible to many different to skateboards, then the Fireball Dragon hardware bolts will be ideal for you. This is because they come in three different fitments and a range of different healthy lengths that’ll suit anyone.

Other features of the Fireball Dragon Skateboard Hardware Bolts include:

  • Bolts are made from full stainless steel for durability 
  • Three different fitments options; Button Allen, Flat Allen & Flat Phillips.
  • Seven different hardware length options.
  • Beast Guarantee promises 100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • Strip resistant; much stronger than traditional skateboard hardware and resistant to stripping

Overall this is an extremely durable and easy to install set of skateboard hardware bolts. This is because it has certain high quality features, such as the nuts are made from steel coated in zinc to prevent cold welding and prolong longevity.

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3. PIG Skewers Hardware Bolts

If you’re looking to have a more creative out look on your hardware bolts to make your skateboard more eye-catching, then the PIG Skewers are the most desirable skateboard hardware bolts for you. This is because they come in 2 of Each Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange Bolts, with matching nuts that are included in the package.

Other features of the PIG Skewers Hardware Bolts include:

  • 1″ Phillips Skewers Neon Mounting Nuts/Bolts
  • Benefit of using the colored bolts to easily spot your nose or tail
  • Phillips Screw-head
  • Reputable brand
  • Steel lock nuts.

Overall if you’re looking to make minor, low-cost improvements to your deck that make it stand out then the multi-colored PIG Skewers would be a flawless replacement for you. Moreover they come with a very user-friendly Phillips screw head which is compatible with most screw drivers.

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4. Blanks Mounting Hardware Bolts

Searching for a set of good budget hardware bolts can be a risky game, although you’ll find that the Blanks Mounting Hardware Bolts are suitable for anyone. This is because they come in over 9 different colors, that’ll suit anyone’s deck style at an affordable price.

Other features of the Blanks Skateboard Mounting Hardware Bolts include:

  • 1 Inch Hardware
  • Set of 8
  • Phillips Head
  • Mulitple Colors to Choose(9 choices)

In conclusion if you’re looking at replacement hardware bolts for your skateboard, then these are the obvious colorful choice that’ll make anyone’s deck more eye-catching.

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5. VJ Skateshop Skateboard Hardware Screws 

If you’re searching for the best budget skateboard hardware bolts then the VJ Skateshop hardware screws will be the best product for you. This is because it comes in at a relatively low price whilst offering a high quality phillips flat bolt with over five size options.

Other features of the VJ Skateshop Skateboard Hardware Bolts include:

  • This is skateboard Phillips standard flat hardware.
  • Includes 8 Bolts and 8 Nuts (all black)
  • Size options: 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch, 2 inch
  • Mounts skateboard/longboard trucks to the street deck, cruiser skateboard and longboard.

Overall these are reliable screws that are extremely strong and of high quality. Even over-torquing does not result in a stripped head due to their build quality, which makes them overall a great budget purchase.

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6. Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Hardware Bolts

If you’re in the market for a set of high quality, riser skateboard hardware bolts then there is no other brand as highly regarded as Bones. Bones have produced a unique set of hardware of bolts that feature white heads of the bolts to help foot placements.

Other features of the Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Hardware Bolts include:

  • Bolts are made from full stainless steel for longevity 
  • Cross head fitments.
  • Excellent fit for trucks without risers(Bones 1-inches)
  • Features that mount the truck to the deck(riser bolts)

To conclude, if you’re looking for a decent set of hardware bolts that are reliable and make risers redundant then these would be perfect for your deck.
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Skateboard Hardware Buying Guide

Skateboard hardware, also known as ‘mounting hardware are bolts that’s purpose is to connect the trucks to the skateboard deck.

Both trucks need four lock-nuts and bolts. A hardware package will sell a set of eight and the screws will have two fitments options of either a Allen/Hex or Phillips head.

Best Skateboard Bolts

Naturally, hardware will wear as time goes on similar to other screws and bolts that you’d use in other areas of your life. If you’ve been skating with the same set of hardware bolts for a while and they’re looking rusty or stripped, then it may be a good idea to invest in a decent set.

Skateboard bolts can be relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, so be sure to check out this buyers guide to find the most flawless set of bolts for your deck!

Hardware Components

Hardware components tend to come in a set of eight. By this, you should have at least eight bolts and eight nuts in your pack at least. If the pack comes with less, then look else where.

Although if the pack you’re looking at has more than eight, then this is great because you’ll have spares for your deck(as it can be easy to lose these small components).

Choosing Hardware Length

Finding the perfect size for yourself can be dependent on the type of skateboard you are riding on. For most common decks, the standard hardware size is 1″.

Best Skateboard Mounting Hardware

Although with a cruiser or longboard deck, you’ll be looking at getting 1″ to 1 1/8″ for a decent standard. If you decide to have a riser application on your board, then you’ll have to adjust your hardware size with the size guide below.

  • 7/8 – 1″ hardware – No Riser
  • 1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware – 1/8″ Riser
  • 1 1/4″ hardware – 1/4″ Riser
  • 1 1/2″ hardware – 1/2″ Riser

Hex/Allen or Phillips Screw Head

Hex/Allen & Phillips fitments perform the same role

However they have a few differences which are shown below:

Hex/Allen Screw Head

  • Hex/Allen fitments tend to have a reputation of being easier to screw in as they require less downwards pressure.
  • Problem with the Hex/Allen fitments is that they require a specific size tool to fit the head. This means you’ll need to have that specific tool with you.

Phillips Screw Head

  • Phillips head screw drivers are very common to find around compared to a hex/Allen key, so they’re more user-friendly.
  • You are very much more likely to strip and damage the head of the screw with a Phillips fitment.

Skateboard Hardware Brand Name

Similarly to other components, a brand carries weight when it comes to reliability & longevity.

So it might be in your interest to search for reputable brands such as Independent, Bones, PIGS & Fireball Dragon. This is because they have a rich history of producing high quality hardware bolts.

Skateboard Bolt Color

This may seem simple, but the color of your hardware bolts can also be an issue. This is because they can be a simple solution in highlighting the nose of your board.

Best Skateboard Nuts

A common issue with skaters is that when you’re skating and preforming tricks, you’ll have to constantly check where the nose of your board is which can be annoying.

Having a the nose of your board highlighted by the color of your hardware bolts can solve this solution. Moreover, some brands will sell a singular bolt that is colored different for this reason.


In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a new set of hardware bolts, then you should have a fixed set of factors to focus your criteria on to make the correct decision.

These important factors that you should consider before purchasing is the skateboard hardware bolt’s length, color, brand & screw head fitment.

By using this criteria to select your hardware bolts, it’ll help you find the most user-friendly and reliable bolts for your skateboard setup.

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