The Best Skateboard Shoes Brands 2021

Best Skate Shoe

Finding the best skateboard shoes brands can be a challenging task as you want to find the best blend that offers flexibility, mobility and whilst being affordable.

The best skateboard shoes available online today are the Adidas Seeley’s, which offer incredible flexibility, ankle mobility, whilst offering comfortable cushioning.

In this article are many examples of impressive skateboard shoes. These skate shoes have important features that you should keep an eye out for such as styling, ankle mobility & types of shoe. Be sure to check these out.

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Skateboard Shoes Brands Comparison

Skateboard ShoeColor-WaysShoe Size Range
Adidas Seeley134-14
DC Court Graffik276-18
Nike SB Clutch84.5-12
Nike SB Zoom Janoski 87-14
Emerica 'The Reynolds'325-15
Etnies Fader235-15
DC Shoes Pure405-18
Osiris NYC 83 CLK255-14
Adidas Originals Busenitz 64-14
Lakai Sheffield95-13
Vans Old Skools502-17.5
Globe ‘The Eagle’ SG126-16

When on the look out for the best skateboard shoes brands, there are factors that you should prioritise such as heel support & canvas type.

Additionally, the style of the skateboard shoe should be important to you to look good!

Below is a list of the best skateboard shoes brands for any level of rider.

The Best Skateboard Shoes Brands

1. Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe

The best skateboard shoes brands is currently are the Adidas range of skate shoes with the Seeley as they give you all the protection against any potential injuries, along with being fashionable and stylish.

Moreover, Adidas has a long history amongst skaters of producing impeccable sports products and are perhaps the most highly regarded in the skate community.

Other features of the Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe include:

  • Extra padded foam around the ankle for great protection.
  • Extremely comfortable insole.
  • Flawless grip.
  • Incredibly durable .
  • Lightweight construction allows good mobility.
  • Rubber sole providing the ultimate comfort and maximum protection.
  • PU liner to minimize the effects of impacts and enhancing the comfort
  • Full grain leather upper making it sturdy and capable of taking wear and tear

Ultimately if you’re looking for a skateboard shoe that is offering flawless grip then the Adidas Seeley Skate shoes are perfect.

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2. DC Court Graffik Skate Shoe

One of the more common skateboard shoes brands that are among the most highly reputable are DC with the Court Graffik Skate Shoes. This is due to the fact that they’re produced from 100% which makes them long lasting.

Other features of the DC Court Graffik Skate Shoe include:

  • Lightweight mesh tongue construction
  • Multiple Color-ways
  • Vent holes in the side that enable breath-ability
  • Fantastic grip
  • Long-lasting skateboard shoes

Overall these are amazing skate shoes, as they offer great protection to the skaters foot through having an extra padded tongue and by being bulky round the ankles.

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3. Nike SB Clutch Skate Shoe

The Nike SB is the up-market skateboard shoes brand that is definitely on the more premium side with its suede & leather canvas construction. This is shown by its Clutch Skate Shoe with its perfect equilibrium of an affordable price and build quality.

Other features of the Nike SB Clutch Skate Shoe include:

  • Nubuck, Suede & leather material construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Low cut silhouette provides a nonrestrictive fit.
  • Patterned gum rubber out sole that provides incredible traction.
  • Autoclave design for a low to the ground ride.
  • Shaft measure 3″ from arch.
  • EVA sock-liner that provides a lightweight cushioning from impacts.

Overall these are an incredible purchase for any skater at any level. This is because the Nike SB Clutch’s design combines durable, minimal design with a stylish low-profile out-sole. This results in delivering flawless comfort and flexibility which are two important factors for a skate shoe.

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4. Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM Skateboarding Shoes

If you’re looking for the best premium skateboard shoe that is above its competition regarding aspects such as durability and flexibility, then the Nike SB Janoski is perfect for you.

Other features of the Nike SB Janoski Skate Shoe include:

  • Leather sole
  • Zoom Air unit in the sock-liner provides responsive cushioning.
  • Suede is soft and durable
  • Tacky gum out-sole gives incredible grip and traction.
  • Sock-liner has been developed so that it has flawless lasting comfort
  • Vulcanized design that links the out-sole with the upper for flexible/broken in feel.

Ultimately, the Nike SB Janoski are an ideal purchase for any casual/experienced skater who is looking for a long lasting & well cushioned shoe.

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5. Emerica The Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoe

If you’re looking at getting a traditional low-top skate shoe with a wide variety of choices for color-ways then the Emerica ‘The Reynolds’ would suit you perfectly. This is because they offer the greatest range of styles for any skate shoe online today!

Other features of the Emerica The Reynolds Low Vulc include:

  • Vulcanized construction for durability. 
  • Rubber sole with 100% leather design ensure high build quality.
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.
  • Die Cut EVA insole for shock absorption comfort.
  • Triangle Tread Out-sole.
  • 32 different color-variants.

Overall the Emerica Low Vulc skate shoes displays the true Reynolds and design heritage, focusing even more on board feel with its low profile control.

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6. Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

If you’re a beginner skateboarder who’s looking to get some skate shoes with extra padding then the Etnies Fader shoes may be a suitable fit for you. This is due to the fact that it comes with a padded tongue and collar which will prevent you from sustaining any ankle injuries from your deck if you lose control.

Other features of the Etnies Fader Skate Shoe include:

  • Leather and Synthetic construction.
  • Thick 300 MBS rubber sole & Egg-crate mid-sole design for impact absorption.
  • Sustainable recycled open cell PU foam on the insole.
  • Padded tongue and collar to minimise potential injuries.
  • 23 different color-variants

If you’re looking at skate shoes that offer you great protection, then these are the best candidate for you. This is due to reputation of them in the skate community as they offer extra padding around all sides of the shoe with impressive durability.

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7. DC Shoes Pure Skate Shoe

IF you’re looking for casual skate shoes that look good whilst you’re on the deck and for walking around then the DC Pure Shoes are the stylish candidate that you should look out for. This is because they are crafted from leather, Nubuck & suede with a mesh lining allowing you’re feet to be able to breathe as well as looking stylish.

Other features of the DC Shoes Pure Skate Shoe include:

  • Foam padded tongue and collar for added comfort & protection.
  • Wrap cup-sole design for added support.
  • Abrasion resistant rubber out-sole for long-lasting durability 
  • ‘Pill-Patterned’ grip tread for added traction.
  • Over 40 different color-variants.

Ultimately, if you’re looking at getting a ideal mix of durability, uncompromising comfort & eye-catching fashion skate shoe then this is the perfect mix for your preferences.

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8. Osiris NYC 83 CLK Skate Shoe

Most skate shoes come in the low/mid-range style type, however some skaters look for the best high-top skate shoes as some view them as more stylish and offer better protection. The best high-top skate shoe on the market today is the Osiris NYC 83 CLK skate shoes which offer a perfect mix of both style, comfort and protection.

Other features of the Osiris NYC 83 CLK Skate Shoe include:

  • Lightweight padded tongue & collar design which offers best equilibrium for support and comfort.
  • Abrasion resistant rubber out-sole design for wear, durability and performance.
  • 25 different color-variants to choose from.
  • Iconic skate design with high abrasion areas which reinforces the Osiris’ incredible durability

Overall, if you’re in the market for stylish high-tops that among the highest performers in the market, then these offer the best equiblirum between price and performance.

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9. Adidas Originals Busenitz Skate Shoe

If you’re looking at purchasing the best pro skaters signature shoes, then the Adidas Originals Busenitz’s are a exemplary candidate. This is due to them being a stylish Copa Mundial soccer cleat that has transformed into a all-terrain skate shoe. This is due to the fact that it’s features include a durable upper and a GEOFIT collar which enables mobility and protection for the skaters ankle.

Other features of the Adidas Originals Busenitz Skate Shoe include:

  • Suede upper with leather quarter panel for durability.
  • Geofit collar for support, comfort and an anatomical fit.
  • Molded sock liner with removable insole for comfort and support.
  • 6 different color-variants to choose from.
  • High-spec cup-sole construction

Ultimately this is the best skater signature skate shoe as it is directly focused at experienced skaters who are looking to have a shoe that is long-lasting with a lightweight construction.

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10. Lakai Sheffield Skate Shoe

If you’re an experienced skater who’s looking for a durable shoe that is long lasting, then the Lakai Sheffield’s will be ideal for you. This is because they set a new benchmark for all shoes through design as it is built from vulcanized construction with bold style branding with clean lines.
Other features of the Lakai Sheffield Skate Shoe include:
  • 9 different color-variants to choose from.
  • 100% suede construction for durability and style.
  • Removable insole for comfort and support.
  • Vulcanized design that links the rubber out-sole with the upper for a flexible feel.
  • Breathable mesh window on the inside to enable longer sessions.
Overall the Lakai Sheffield is an ideal candidate for any skater who is looking at obtaining a shoe that sets the benchmark for a blend of style and durability, which is unmatched by rivals.
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11. Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes

If you’re in the market for a skate shoe that has a fashionable timeless design, with a high quality canvas material and flawless breath-ability then the Vans Old Skool’s are the best product out there for you!

Other features of the Vans Old Skool Skate Shoe include:

  • Vintage canvas upper with a timeless skate design which is recognised worldwide.
  • Has the Vans original waffle grip pattern for that incredible board-feel, traction and flexibility.
  • Vulcanized construction for durability and long lasting comfort.
  • 50 different color-variants to choose from.
  • Toecaps are reinforced so that they do not wear out from the hard-wearing pressure whilst skating.

Ultimately if you’re looking for style in a skate shoe, then the Vans Old Skool’s are the most stylish skate shoes you’ll find online today that has a flawless & timeless design that would impress anyone.

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12. Globe ‘The Eagle’ SG Skate Shoe

The best affordable skate shoes that offer a great balance of performance and style is the Globe ‘The Eagle’ skate shoes. This is because it offers premium features that other affordable skate shoes do not offer at the same price level such as deep cushioning drop-in PU Shock bed.

Other features of the Globe ‘The Eagle’ SG Skate Shoe include:

  • 12 different color-variants.
  • Open cell EVA for long lasting breath-ability.
  • Sculpted shogun out-sole for support and flexibility
  • Deep cushioning drop-in PU Shock bed for long-lasting comfort.
  • Strobel construction for durability.

Overall if you’re looking at an affordable replacement shoe or something that won’t break the bank then the Globe’s would be perfect for you as they offer a great mix of style and performance without being excessively expensive.

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Skate Shoe Buying Guide

Skateboarding is a difficult sport that can be difficult to learn and practice. Practicing these skills & tricks can take some time to master.

It may be strange to think that you shoes play an important role as they’re the contact point between your body and the skateboard making them an important focus point.

Best Skateboard Shoes

Skateboard demands precise control and balance which is achieved by your shoes you wear. Skate shoes are specifically designed for riding a skateboard or long-board.

They enable mass control over the deck which in return gives you precision and balance through methods such as vulcanized rubber/polyurethane sole with little or an absence of thread pattern. So in return they offer a composition of leather and double stitching that provide pro-longed life to the shoe.

The best skateboard shoes will have features that add to its longevity, control and comfort in your skating experience. Examples of these features are Cup soles, Air pockets in the heel and shock absorbing insoles.

Below is a list of a buying guide that will detail all of the factors that you will need to consider when finding the perfect skateboard shoes for your feet!

Are Skate Shoes bad for you feet?

Skate shoes are great for skaters as you could’ve guessed. This is because they allow the skater to skate for long periods of time as they fit tightly around the feet. This results in an increased amount of wear and tear as this leads to increase friction and grip.

There are many skate shoes such as suggested above that’ll ensure that they keep you away from bad experiences with your shoes with high-build quality features that’ll keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

Best Skate Shoes

Additionally wearing cotton socks will prevent your feet from hurting. Moreover, some skateboard shoes are produced from leather which enables a longer comfortable feel.

More and more companies are designing innovative technologies that providing you a better fit and comfortable ride without compromising control and fitting.

In conclusion skate shoes are not bad for you feet. Just be sure that you wear proper socks whilst skating and the pair of skateboard shoes that you select have comfort enabling features such as air pockets in the heel.

Do Skateboard Shoes Make a Difference?

Skate shoes can have a profound difference on the way you can control your board significantly. This is because a skate shoe enables you to have the proper amount of grip that gives you the control of your movements on your board.

Moreover it improves friction on the board as it leads to better stability on the skateboard.

Certain features of a skateboard shoe have a large effect on the users experience as well such as the shoes breath ability as they have mesh material so that the skaters feet don’t sweat as much.

Nike Janoski Skate Shoes

Other conditions included the time a skater is able to skate for is improved as skate shoes have enabling comfort features which allow the skater to skate for longer.

Overall skate shoes do have a profound difference on the skaters ability to skate longer, faster and better.

Vulcanized soles VS. Cupsoles Skateboard Shoes

An important factor that you will need to consider is whether you’ll wear vulcanized or cupsole shoes. The major differences between the both are that of durability and the feel on the board.

Vulcanized sole skateboard shoe

Cupsoles tend to be more associated with being sturdier as a skate shoe, when compared to vulcanized soles that offer better heel support and comfort.

A disadvantage of cupsoles is that the feel you have on the board is lessened, compared to vulcanized which have greater feel and control.

Vulcanized Soles Skateboard Shoes

Vulcanized soles are taped around the body of the shoe. The benefit of vulcanized soles is that you feel slightly lighter and slimmer which enables better board feel.

Although because they’re only two separate pieces around the shoe that are thinly layered, after extensive use, they’ll start to break off.

A big draw to vulcanized skate shoes are that they’re great for board feel, which means more experienced skaters tend to adopt this type of skate shoe. They are able to offer better board feel as they have a thinner sole which also leads to greater flexibility. This means that they’re better for preforming technical tricks as the board feel is greater.

Vulcanized Soles Skateboard Shoes

A problem of vulcanized skateboard shoes is that because they’re lighter, they tend to offer less protection. This is because they have less heel support and thinner soles. This also relates to vulcanized soles being less durable than cupsoles, although many skaters will argue that this can be dependant on the type of skating you do.

You’ll probably notice that vulcanized soles will tend to be cheaper when compared to cupsoles. Although this can be down to them being less durable and that they wear downer faster in comparison. The benefits still out weight the drawbacks in my opinion with advantages such as better board feel, easy to break in and being lighter.

Cupsoles Skateboard Shoes

Cupsole Skate shoes are designed specifically for those skaters who suffer from bruised heels through high impact landings. The soles has a multiple layer design with a solid layer that has an additional rubber and cushioning layer. Usually the cushioning layer is produced from EVA or TPR cushioning foam which is self contained within the rubber ‘cup’ layer. The downside to all of this layer cushioning is that some skaters will say cupsoles offer less board feel.

Cupsoles Skateboard Shoes

Although if you’re in the market for a skater shoe that offers greater protection and long lasting durability, then cupsoles are the skate shoes you should be aiming to purchase. This is due to their many long lasting layers which prolongs the shoes life, however it does mean less flexibility and board feel.

If you’re a skater that gets frequent heel bruise injuries, then the cupsole shoes will be more than ideal for you as they can absorb impacts a lot better. Cupsole skate shoes are stitched to the top part of the skate shoe, which is embedded in the inside. Overall giving it more support, protection and durability.

High-Tops, Mid-Tops & Low Tops Skateboard Shoes Brands

The difference between the type of ‘top’ that you choose for your skate shoe can have a profound effect on your mobility and ankle protection. This is because certain styles can offer more protection, although have less mobility whilst skating. Low-tops tend to be more comfortable and have better mobility, although high-tops tend to provide better ankle protection and support.

Low Top Skateboard Shoes Brands

If you’re a casual/experienced skater who is able to preform a few tricks or just prefer to have a lot of mobility, then low-top skate shoes are more suited for you.

Low Top Skate Shoe

These have additional benefits such as that they tend to weigh less in comparison to their mid & high tops competitors. A drawback to low-top skateboard shoes is that they do expose your ankles more, so they are more prone to injury from your skateboard if you fall.

Mid Top Skateboard Shoes Brands

Mid-top skate shoes offer the best of both worlds. By this I mean that they offer more support and comfort within the ankle area than low-tops. Although they offer less mobility as they offer more protection, but this is because your ankles are less exposed to injury similarly to high-tops.

High Top Skateboard Shoes Brands

High-top skate shoes offer great ankle protection compared to the other types of shoes, although they do have less freedom of movement as they offer so much support and comfort features. If you’re a beginner skater or someone who is prone to injuries, then it is probably a wise idea to purchase a pair of high-tops.

Best High Top Skate Shoes

The downside of high-top skate shoes is that they offer less movement, so if you’re a casual/experienced skater who can preform tricks, then it is probably in your interest to avoid high-tops.

Skateboard Shoe Sole

A shoe’s sole is a blend of many different parts which can be different variations depending on the type of shoe. These variety of features can include special insoles which feature heel support & waffle tread pattern like you see on ‘Vans’ shoes for extra grip.

Skateboard Shoe Sole

Different types of sole will give you different experiences whilst skating. For instance a thin sole will give an easier feel for your deck as you are lower to the deck, which in return gives you better control for technical tricks and balance. Although they will not offer the same heel protection and absorb impacts.

On the other hand, having a thicker sole gives you great protection if you’re prone to injuries. Although, this means less board feel, which could lead to less board control.


Having decent cushioning will prevent blisters and heel bruises which are common foot injuries you’ll obtain whilst skating, especially if you have a lot of high impact landings.

You should stay away from shoes that offer little cushioning as you’ll notice you’re sessions will become shorter as you’ll feel the fatigue more. Also an additional factor to look out for is to see if the insoles are removable, just in case you need to replace them.

Out-sole & Mid-sole

If you examine a skate shoe you’ll notice that the out-sole and the insole are compressed together to offer maximum support to your foot.

Most shoes with have soles that are constructed from lightweight, flexible foam. Moreover mid-soles you’ll find are constructed from durable polyurethane or foam.


Whilst looking at shoes be sure to find shoes that the insole is removable, as this means you’ll be able to replace it if degrades.

Skate Shoe Insole

You’ll find that cheaper insoles are produced from thin foam that doesn’t really offer the correct support. In comparison to thicker soles that will have greater comfort and protection, but sacrifice board feel.

Heel support

You’ll find that some skateboard shoes brands offer additional heel support. This is extremely beneficial as it reduces the shock impacts that you receive from hard landings are pro-longs your skate sessions.

This is mainly due to the fact that heel supports are constructed from specifically designed gel, rubber and air pockets to protect your feet. These are definitely recommended for you if you suffer from any problems with your heels as these can make a big impact on comfort.

Out-sole tread pattern and grip

One big factor you’ll notice about skateboard shoes brands and their shoes is that they have a flatter sole when compared to a regular sneaker. Additionally you’ll notice that they’ll have a waffle tread profile or a herringbone tread profile.

Skateboard Shoe Tread Pattern

The purpose of these different tread profile is that  they enable you to obtain more grip, which helps you stay on the board with lots of control. Without these flat, tread patterns you’d struggle to have grip which means you’re more likely to fall off and cause injury.


Overall having a skateboard shoe that doesn’t provide great traction is as good as wearing any other type of shoe. This is because the outsoles purpose is to provide quality contact between yourself and the deck.


Ankle support can play a role in the stability of a skateboard shoe. This is because parts of a skate shoe that play a role in ankle support such as the heel notch, stitch seam and collar. If these features are too tight, then this can obstruct the ankles and effect performance.

However the opposite reaction can happen if there isn’t enough support with cushioning. This can be because if there is not enough shock absorption through cushioning, then your ankles will take more of a beating meaning less strength for stability. Moreover if your outsole fails, then you’ll lose control of the board with the little grip you have.

Comfort & Skate Shoes

Comfort plays a huge role in a skateboard shoe as it can make you skate for longer and take bigger impacts whilst riding park. Any features that improve comfort in a skateboard shoe will be located in the mid-sole, this is because the heel takes the most abuse.

The problem associated with comfort is that the softer the insole is for the shock absorption, then the less torsional stability the shoe will provide. On the other hand, skateboard shoes that are stiffer provide plentiful more structure and stability.

Best Comfortable Skate Shoe

This means you’ll have to chose a shoe that meets your preference of these to factors. As a mid-sole of a shoe takes the impact and having a high quality mid-sole can make a massive difference in maintaining your comfort during a landing.

Durable Skate Shoes

To a regular person, skate shoes may seem like they are constructed with the same durability in mind as a casual shoe. Although skateboard shoes are designed with some rigid and durable in mind for longevity in mind.

Best Durable Skate Shoe

Its a good rule of thumb to search for the best skateboard shoes brands that are abrasion resistant as possible, although provide flexibility to allow you to keep skating to your peak performance. For tough canvas, suede is your best bet. Moreover a vulcanized shoe is more likely to last a lot longer than a cupsole shoe. Although a durability of a shoe can be really dependent on your style, so be sure to try around with different brands and types of skateboard shoes.


In conclusion all of the shoes mentioned are flawless examples of the best skateboard shoes you can find online at an affordable price. After reviewing the buying guide and reading over the article, you should find the most suitable pair for you.

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