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The Best Skateboard Trucks 2021

Best Skateboard Trucks

Searching for the best skateboard trucks can be a time-consuming task. You want to find a set that offer you incredible mobility, strength whist not breaking the bank.

The best skateboard trucks on offer today is the Independent Stage 11’s, which has impressive aluminium construction & grade 8 kingpin design.

In this article are suggestions on flawless skateboard trucks. These trucks have significant features that you should look out for such as variable sizes/widths & material construction. Ensure that you look at these.

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Best Skateboard Truck

Skateboard TrucksHanger Width(MM)Type Of Truck
Independent Stage 11139-169High
Thunder Polished Hi143-149High
Venture Polished Low133Low
Silver Truck Company L-Class139Low
Havoc 5.0128Medium
Independent Silver139Low
Thunder Sonora Black129-149Low
CCS 148Medium
Speed 5 Turbo128Medium
Mini Logo152High

When looking at the best skateboard trucks, there are factors you should prioritise which include width sizes & truck profile.

Moreover, the ‘Kingpin’ construction should also be important to you for the trucks longevity.

Below is an article on the best skateboard trucks for all levels of skater.

Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks

The Independent Stage 11 are the best  skateboard trucks for street that you’ll find online today. This is because it’s a high quality product that has a 356 Aluminum Hanger & Base-plate construction. Moreover it is available in four different designs & 9 variable sizes.

Features of the Independent Stage 11 Trucks include:

  • Available in four different color-way designs.
  • Available in nine sizes(MM);139 – 169.
  • Grade 8 Kingpin.
  • 55MM tall.
  • Polished silver hanger.
  • 4140 Chromoly axle.
  • Weight : 376G-411G

Ultimately these are a flawless set of street skateboarding trucks as the the new stage 11 standard height trucks are an incredible blend of the features and geometry Independent have produced in recent times.

The updated stage 11 trucks is a big improvement from the stage 10 as they now have a better drilled base plate for improved balance and a grade 8 kingpin for a  high center of gravity.

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Thunder Polished Hi Skateboard Trucks

The Thunder Polished Hi’s are one of the best all-purpose skateboard trucks suitable for any level of skater. This is because these trucks are specifically designed to be lightweight, thus making them quicker for faster reactions whilst in use.

Features of the Thunder Polished Hi Trucks include:

  • Available in 6 sizes(MM);143 – 149.
  • Available in three  different color-way designs.
  • Thunder Trucks are guaranteed for life – under warranty.
  • Thunder Quick Turn Response.
  • Chromoly kingpin & axle.
  • Grade 8 Kingpin.
  • Weight : 306G

Overall, the Thunder Polished Hi’s are a all round great set of trucks, that boast of a high quality construction. Moreover, they offer this incredible quality at half the price of its competitors.

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Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks 

If you’re looking at purchasing a budget set of trucks, then look no further as the Venture Polished Trucks are a suitable candidate for you. This is because they are flawless light and affordable street trucks that are highly regarded among the skate community.

Features of the Venture Polished Low Trucks include:

  • Available in size 133MM.
  • Available in eleven different color-way designs.
  • Produced from an aluminum alloy
  • Reinforced High Grade Steel Kingpin
  • Weight : 680G

Overall if you’re looking at getting a set of trucks that provide a good reaction, stability, and balance then these will suit your perfectly.

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Silver Truck Company L-Class Blue Skateboard Trucks

The Sector 9 trucks offer the best value for money when aligning performance with an affordable price. This is because it is unmatched in skateboard truck market space as it offers a ‘high grade steel kingpin’ setup which allows the truck to steer far more than regular trucks.

Features of the Silver L-Class Blue Trucks include:

  • Standard size skateboard trucks
  • Available in three different color-way designs.
  • Produced from an aluminum alloy
  • Reinforced High Grade hollow Steel Kingpins
  • Weight : 500G

Silver L-Class trucks feature a low profile design that is constructed specifically for enhanced turning and control. Moreover the L-Class has a light weight construction with quality components ideal for all levels of skateboarding.

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Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

If you’re new to skateboarding and are looking to purchase a new set of beginner skateboard trucks, then the Havoc 5.0’s should be ideal for you. This is because they’re an affordable set of trucks that do not sacrifice performance and build quality.

Features of the Havoc 5.0 Trucks include:

  • Standard size skateboard trucks.
  • Polished color-way design.
  • Forged T6 Aluminum Hanger and Base Plate
  • Reinforced High Grade Steel Kingpin
  • Weight : 670G
Ultimately if you’re new to skating or you’re just looking for a great pair of replacement skateboard trucks, then these should be more than ideal for you as these trucks come with a unique aluminium construction which is lighter and stronger than its steel rivals.
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Independent Silver 139MM Skateboard Trucks

The most durable set of skateboard trucks you’ll find online are the Independent Silver 139MM skateboard trucks which boast of a T6 Aluminum construction which will last years of skating abuse.

Features of the Independent Silver 139MM Trucks include:

  • 139MM Standard size trucks
  • Polished Silver color-way design.
  • T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate with chromoly steel axle
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • Axle nuts and speed washers included
  • Weight : 670G

Overall these are an incredible set Stage 11 trucks which are perfect for technical street skating and come in 5% lighter than the standard profile truck.

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Thunder Trucks Sonora Black Skateboard Trucks

If you’re searching for a set of high-quality & very responsive trucks, then the these trucks will be perfect for you setup as they’re some of the best on the market.

Features of the Thunder Sonora Black Trucks include:

  • Available in 3 sizes(MM);129- 149.
  • Two color-way designs.
  • High-Grade No-Slip Kingpin
  • Sturdy Steel base plate
  • Lifetime-warranty
  • Weight : 368G
  • Risers from: Arbor, Diamond, Dooks, Girl, Independent, Loaded, Paris, Rayne and Sector 9 are not compatible

Ultimately if you’re an experienced skater who is looking for a responsive set of trucks for street or park riding as you need to have a quick turning response, then the Thunder Sonora Black trucks are perfect for you.

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CCS Skateboard Trucks

If you’re creating your first skateboard setup and needs a user friendly set of trucks that are compatible with many sets of wheels and variable decks, then the CCS trucks are suitable for your needs. This is because they’re offered in variable sizes and styles that’ll meet the need of any skater.

Features of the CCS Trucks include:

  • 148MM Standard size trucks
  • Satan Black color-way design.
  • Black Hanger with Black baseplate
  • Low Set grade 8 kingpin
  • Weight : 380G

Ultimately if you’re looking at purchasing a high quality set of trucks that have premium high rebound bushings for a smooth, controlled turns along with other quality components then these are perfect for you.

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Speed 5 Turbo Trucks

If you’re looking for fast skateboard trucks then the Speed 5 Turbo trucks are ideal for you. This is because it offers a lightweight design with unmatched levels of control which enables you to have lighting quick responses.

Features of the Speed 5 Turbo Trucks include:

  • Standard size skateboard trucks.
  • Black color-way design.
  • Mid Profile Trucks with Metal Alloy Finish.
  • Low Set grade 8 kingpin
  • Weight : 360G

Ultimately if you need a brand new set of fast skateboard trucks, then these are perfect for a new setup or as a replacement set. They’re very compatible with many other skateboard parts and very user-friendly to install as they come with skateboard hardware to attach to your deck.

Mini Logo Polished Skateboard Trucks

The final set of skateboard trucks are the best durable skateboard trucks as they offer a unique combination of strength and stability. This is done through it’s high quality components such as its ultra-high rebound urethane bushings and its lightweight premium alloys construction.

Features of the Mini Logo Polished Trucks include:

  • Standard size skateboard trucks.
  • Polished Silver color-way design.
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Low Set grade 8 kingpin
  • Standard Phillips Head Black Skateboard Hardware Set Included
  • Weight : 375G

Overall if you’re in need of a set of trucks that’ll last you for a long time then these will be ideal for you, whatever your level of skating is as they can take a lot of abuse from any grinds or any high impact landings you will preform.

Skateboard Truck Buying Guide

A skateboard truck is a ‘T’ shaped instrument that is mounted underneath your board. It takes the role of being the connecting part between your deck and your wheels, bearings, etc.

Trucks are important as they assist you in controlling your skateboards speed as well as its stability.

Best Skateboard Trucks For Street

Choosing suitable skateboard trucks can be a very difficult task as depending on the type of truck you select, can have a profound effect on your stability and performance.

Moreover if you buy the wrong truck, it could result in wheel bite where your trucks are not tall enough which makes your wheels rub against your deck.

So make sure you follow this guide.

Best Skateboard Truck Brands

Based on many reviews & reputations from the skating community, here are the top skateboard trucks:

  1. Independent Trucks
  2. Venture
  3. Royal
  4. Thunder Trucks
  5. Theeve Trucks
  6. Destructo Trucks
  7. Tensor Trucks
  8. Krux Trucks
  9. Silver Trucks
  10. Theeve Trucks

Components Of A Skateboard Truck

  • Kingpin – This is a large bolt that fits inside of the bushing and holds all of the truck components together. This means that it has to be long-lasting. They tend to be lightweight without compromising strength.
  • Hanger – This is a triangular piece of metal that is the largest component of the truck. It supports the axle, especially in cases where you’re preforming sharp turns.
  • Axle –  This is a long pin which goes through the hanger and attaches on to the wheels.
  • Brushing – These are a group of soft rings that tend to be made from urethane. These firmly fit around the kingpin, enabling your board to turn and pivot smoothly.
  • Base-plate – These are where all of the parts are fixed to. This is then fixed onto your deck via mounting hardware.

Should I Use Risers With My Trucks?

Risers are used to keep the skateboard deck higher off the ground. An additional benefit is that it also plays another role as a shock absorber, as it will decrease or eliminate the vibration whilst your riding.

Best Street Skateboard Trucks

Risers are small and rectangular components that are usually constructed from hard plastic or rubber. The thickness of a risers will effect how much shock they absorb, so the thicker the riser is, the better the absorption will be.

Each riser is in-between the base plate of your truck and the deck. It is firmly pinched with six screw holes so that they can fit a vast quantity of skateboards and longboards.

Skateboard Truck Profile

A skateboard truck has three variable profiles that are defined by the distance between its hanger and bottom of the deck.

Here are the three profiles and which you should choose for your deck:

  • Low Profile – perfect for boards that have smaller wheels. This in return enables better stability for sharp moves and complex tricks. Wheels sized at 50-53MM should definitely be better suited for a low profile truck.
  • Medium Profile – These are suited towards for skateboards that cruise on park and streets. Wheels sized at 53-56MM are most suited for these profiles.
  • High Profile – Better for skateboards which are mostly skated on streets or with longboards. Wheels sized at 56MM + are best suited for this profile.

Width & Height Of A Skateboard Truck

As mentioned earlier, the height profile of the truck is relative to the size of the wheels you choose. So from this you’ll need to find either a low, medium or high profile truck profile.

Best Skate Trucks

Width gets more complex as you’ll need to match the width of the deck.

I’ve made a small table guide below to follow, although you should check a specific truck manufactures guidelines.

Deck Width (Inches)Truck Width(Inches)


Overall, you’ll need to research into factors of your selected skateboard trucks, such as it’s price, quality, construction. If you cover these three easy to understand factors, you should be fine and on your way to finding the perfect set of trucks.
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