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The Best Wheel Brush For Motorcycles 2021

Best Wheel Brush For Motorcycles

Motorcycle wheels are the most time consuming and menial parts of washing a bike. A wheel brush for motorcycles can be more effective and speed up this process.

The best wheel brush for motorcycles is the Adam’s Polishes Wheel Woolie. This is because it has a large length reach and has a 45 degrees angled brush for all wheels.

Wheel brushes for motorcycles come in many different forms, as this enables them to wash variable designs of wheels. For instance if you have a Harley-Davidson with many spokes, you may require a thinner brush for smaller gaps.

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Wheel Brush For Motorcycles Comparison

Wheel Brush For MotorcyclesBristles TypeLength Of Brush
Adam’s Wheel WooliePolypropylene Fibers19.0 Inches
Chemical Guys ‘Wheel Gerbil'Sheepskin9.0 Inches
TAKAVU Polypropylene Fibers18.0 Inches
Mothers Wheel BrushPolypropylene Fibers12.0 Inches
ABN 3-PieceSynthetic Wool8.0, 12.0 & 18.0 Inches.

It may be tempting to use wash sponges or household brushes to clean motorcycle wheels, however this is a bad idea. This is because it will not effectively remove brake dust or dirt. Using a wheel brush specifically designed for motorcycles can do the job properly.

Additionally you should search for brushes that have a long reach so you can wash deep into the wheels.

Down below is a article on the best wheel brush for motorcycles, that will effectively clean brake dust off your wheels.

The Best Wheel Brush For Motorcycles

1. Adam’s Large Wheel Woolie

The best wheel brush for motorcycles is the Adam’s Polishes Wheel Woolie. This is due to its innovative design, where by it has an angled curve at 45 degrees which means you can get behind the wheels of your bike.

Features of the Adam’s Wheel Woolie include:

  • Length Of Brush: 19 Inches.
  • Made from 100% Polypropylene fibers, brush is soft yet dense.
  • 45 degrees angled.
  • 2.5 inch diameter with polypropylene fibers.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Overall if you’re searching for the best wheel brush for motorcycles, then the Adam’s Wheel Woolie is the best candidate in terms of practicality and user-friendliness. Premium attributes such as its non-slip rubberized handle and high build quality set it far above the standard of the market.

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2. Chemical Guys Gerbil Wheel Brush

The best high-quality wheel brush for motorcycles is the Chemical Guys ‘Wheel Gerbil’, as the bristles that are produced from real sheepskin. This means that its genuine wool is exceptionally soft and Chemical Guys say that it can absorb up to 8 ounces of soap water.

Other features of the Chemical Guys ‘Wheel Gerbil’ Brush include:

  • Length Of Brush: 9 Inches.
  • Easy ‘non-slip’ grip handle.
  • Premium sheepskin bristles.
  • Safe to use on alloy, chrome, anodized and polished finishes.
  • Cone shaped head design for efficiency.

Ultimately the Chemical Guys ‘Wheel Gerbil’ is an awesome product for any motorcycle detailer. This is because its cone-shaped design allows you to get deep into a wheel dish. Moreover due to its sheepskin construction, it means that it can last many years of use.

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3. TAKAVU Motorcycle Wheel Rim Brush 

A perfect wheel brush for motorcycles that is extremely effective at providing a rigorous clean to your wheels is the TAKAVU Master Rim Brush. This can be down to its large nine and a half inch brush head and ergonomic grip for user-friendly cleaning.

Features of the TAKAVU Motorcycle Wheel Rim Brush include:

  • Length Of Brush: 18 Inches.
  • Rubber ring protector so you protect your hands from wheel dirt.
  • Soft synthetic bristles to avoid scratches.
  • Flexible design for reaching tight and complex spaces.
  • Use for engine or exhaust cleaning as well.

Despite TAKAVU being a reletively small brand in comparison to Chemical Guys and Adam’s Polishes, it is one of the best wheel brushes for motorcycles. This is due to its flexible design which means approaching awkward angles easy!

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4. Mothers Wheel Cleaning Brush

The best budget wheel brush for motorcycles is the Mothers Wheel cleaning brush, as it provides incredible value for money. This is due to being able to provide you with a lightweight and durable design that has a reach of 12 inches long for effective cleaning.

Features of the Mothers Wheel Motorcycle Wheel Rim Brush include:

  • Length Of Brush: 12 Inches.
  • Available in two separate sizes.
  • Non-slip grip design for comfort and grip.
  • 2 inch long soft bristles for delicate scrubing.
  • Can be used for engine bays too.

Overall, the Mothers Wheel cleaning brush provides the best value for money with its attributes that rival premium brands, yet do not share the same price tag. Its soft bristles ensure that it cannot damage your chrome wheels and efficiently clean your wheels without any issue.

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5. ABN Motorcycle Wheel Rim Cleaning Brush Kit

A more premium wheel brush for motorcycles is the ABN 3 Piece Wheel Cleaning Kit, as the kit includes multiple brushes at different lengths to ensure you can cover the entire wheel whilst cleaning. The range of sizes of 8, 12, & 18 inch brushes ensure that you can easily clean your motorcycle wheels without issues.

Other features of the ABN 3 Piece Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Kit include:

  • Length Of Brushes: 8, 12 & 18 Inches.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Synthetic wool bristles are super absorbent.
  • Range of brushes are flexible to reach awkward spots of a wheel.
  • Safe to use on alloy, chrome, anodized and polished finishes.

Ultimately the ABN 3 Piece Wheel Cleaning Kit is a very wise choice if you’re a regular cleaner of your bike as a hobby or by profession. This is because you have a range of sizes of brushes to use, to effectively clean a range of wheels from cruiser bikes to dirt bikes.

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Cleaning the wheels of your motorcycle on a normal day is a time consuming and menial task. Obtaining a wheel brush for motorcycles offers an opportunity to do the job in a more effective and efficient manner.

Opposite to a regular wash brush, wheel brushes for motorcycles are more durable and softer so that they do not damage any chrome or polish on your wheels. All of the recommendations that we’ve mentioned in this article are great candidates for a range of wheel types and price ranges.

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