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What are the Different Types of BMX Saddles ?

Different Types Of BMX Saddles

BMX saddles are one of the most essential components to a bike. Although, distinguishing between the correct type to use is difficult, as there are so many types of them.

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However to guide you through the various types of BMX saddles, we’ve created a guide down below to discuss the different types of BMX saddles.

Types Of BMX Saddles

1. Integrated BMX Saddles

These are by a long shot the most popular types of BMX saddles. This is because the seat and the seat post come as one product/component. Unlike some other types of seats, these are welded together and cannot be separated.

Its important to consider that when purchasing this type of seat, that you measure the diameter of your seat post and then the interior diameter of your seat tube of your frame, so they’re suitable.

More commonly than not, their size range from 21.0MM to 36.0MM diameter size. You should defiantly consider checking the measurements from the minimum insertion line, or alternatively checking the measurements online.

2. Pivotal Saddles

It’s not difficult to spot a pivotal BMX saddle, as the sea post is molded by the use of a series of adjustment grooves, where the BMX seat is located.

The process in how a pivotal BMX saddle works, is by a singular bolt(mechanism) which passes through the top part of the seat, to join them both together.

3. Railed BMX Saddles

Railed BMX saddles can also be referred to as a ‘micro-adjust seat post’. These typically will resemble a mountain bike seat or even a road racing bike seat.

Alternatively, they have twin rails below the seat of the BMX and they have a twin bolt on the top half of the seat of the seat post which’ll connect to the rails.

4. Standard BMX Saddles

A standard BMX bike saddle is a pretty simple design, as it only have a one metal pipe design, that slots into the seat tube. Typically the seat is bolted on the top half, with a small clamp(this can also be referred to as seat guts).

These BMX seats are more commonly associated with more affordable and budget friendly BMX bikes. Moreover most regular riders who preform tricks will find standard bmx seats to be too obstructive whilst attempting tricks. Although the BMX seat is typically used as a grip for your legs, whilst preforming tricks such as bar spins.

5. Tripod Seats

Tripod BMX seats are the new and upcoming design of saddle for BMX riders. This is because of its innovative design, which consists of a triangular plate which is placed at the top of your seat post.

This triangular plate is then fitted using bolts, giving it immense support and security.

Whats The Best Type Of BMX Saddle?

Deciding between the best BMX seats can be a challenging task for any beginner BMX rider. Even as discussed above, there are many variations of BMX seats, it can still be difficult to distinguish between them all.

Best Type Of BMX Saddle

Regardless of your decision, you should consider our factors before buying one:

  1.  Riding Style & Stance: You should check out if the BMX seat that you have chosen is preferential towards your riding style.
  2. Price: The price of a seat can range greatly, but better quality seats are becoming more affordable.
  3. Durability: You should read the seat specifications to ensure its material construction is of high-quality for maintenance.
  4. Setup: Some of these BMX seat types can be easier to install than others, so if you’re a beginner consider purchasing a standard or integrated seat.
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