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The Best BMX Seat 2020

BMX Saddle

BMX seats are important pieces of equipment to take care with when choosing to buy one for your BMX setup. This is because without them long rides and big impact tricks can become difficult & uncomfortable!

The Best BMX seat is the Eastern Fat Combo BMX Seat, as it has impressive features for the rider such as an integrated seat post for convenience and a thick nylon padded seat for high levels of comfort and durability.

Contained in the article contains suggestions of the best BMX saddles you can find available online. Ensure that you concentrate on certain factors of BMX saddles such as the seat type, post diameter if integrated, weight, width and cover material as these factors can affect your comfort and performance.

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BMX Seats Comparison

BMX SeatFitment Types Riding Style:
Eastern Fat Combo IntegratedFreestyle & Street
Velo GelStandardFreestyle & Dirt
Odyssey AitkenPivotal Freestyle & Street
Diamondback DriversStandardFreestyle & Street
BOX COMPONENTS Echelon IntegratedRacing
Eastern Fat PivotalPivotalFreestyle & Street

It is important to look at certain features of a BMX seat, such as the type of seat it is. If the saddle is an integrated saddle, this means that it comes with a seat post as well otherwise you’ll additionally have to purchase a seat post or fit the new seat to the exist post on your BMX.

More features to check before purchasing a BMX saddle would be if the seat has been produced from high quality material such as nylon or leather to ensure it’s durability.

Here is an article of the best BMX seats available online with their features.

The Best BMX Seats

1. Eastern Fat Combo BMX Seat 

The Eastern Fat Combo Seat is the all round best BMX seat for any level of rider as it has incredible features such as it’s seat type style is a fat saddle which enables the rider to have exceptionable grip whilst riding and thick comfy padding allowing for yourself to be on longer rides with high levels of comfort.

  • Weight : 0.71 LBS
  • Fitment type : Integrated
  • Post diameter : 25.4 MM
  • Style of BMX frame most suited : Freestyle & Street

The big benefit of choosing the Eastern Fat Combo saddle is that it is a convenient two-in-one lightweight construction which combines an alloy post as well as the seat meaning there is a reduced overall weight as no unnecessary weight is added or need to purchase an additional seat post.

Other features the Eastern Fat Combo seat has is that it offers high levels of build quality and longevity with its durable nylon cover design preventing the seat from tears. On this cover it also features a stitched logo and it’s alloy post is molded with a plastic base for its durability and for the riders protection.

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2. Velo Gel BMX Seat

The Velo Gel BMX seat is an exceptional seat for any BMX rider who is looking to either replace or begin their first BMX build/setup as the Velo Gel BMX seat has luxuries such as a gel padding for high levels comfort with a offering of a low price.

  • Weight : 0.75 LBS
  • Fitment type : Standard
  • Post diameter : Does not included post, must be bought separately.
  • Style of BMX frame most suited : Freestyle & Dirt

Additionally the Velo Gel saddle has features that may benefit you as it has higher level of compatibility than most seat as it is not integrated, this allows you to chose a seat pole for yourself or fit it to any size BMX bike so it draws itself towards those who wish to customize their BMX as it offers more freedom.

Final points to make about the Velo Gel seat is that it features the high grade gel for more than suitable levels of comfort for the BMX rider on long journeys and has a dual material cover to prolong its durability.

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3. Odyssey Aitken BMX Seat

The Odyssey Aitken BMX seat is an amazingly constructed and designed BMX seat. This is because it is produced from one of the most reputable BMX brands, Odyssey who offer a saddle with an incredible old-school diamond stitched leather design.

  • Weight : 2 LBS
  • Fitment type : Pivotal & Railed
  • Post Diameter : Does not included post, must be bought separately.
  • Style of BMX frame most suited : Freestyle & Street

The Odyssey Aitken saddle boasts of features such as a tear and scuff resistant cover on the seat which has high resistance levels prolonging its product life cycle, giving you excellent bang for your buck.

A final few points to push about the Odyssey Aitken seat is that it has supreme quality padding that’ll allow you to ride on for hours and it is perfect for an experienced rider setup as it’s very user friendly and easy to setup.

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4. Diamondback Drivers BMX Saddle

The Diamondback Drivers BMX seat is an exceptional low-profile BMX seat for park or street riders with a fine eye-catching attractive black finish.

  • Weight : 0.6 LBS
  • Fitment type : Standard
  • Post Diameter : Does not included post, must be bought separately.
  • Style of BMX frame most suited for : Freestyle & Street
Moreover the Diamondback Drivers saddle has certain factors that make it remarkable such as; abrasion-resistant Kevlar back panel and that it has 9mm chromoly rails for extra durability.

5. BOX COMPONENTS Echelon Race BMX Seat

The BOX COMPONENTS Echelon Race BMX Seat is not a seat for the average rider, this is specifically target towards those who are into BMX racing. This is why the Echelon Race seat has feature such as proprietary co-molded nylon shell and carbon fiber seat-post.

  • Weight : 0.4 LBS
  • Fitment type : Integrated
  • Post Diameter : 22.2 MM –  27.2 MM (Dependant on size chosen)
  • Style of BMX frame most suited for : Racing

Further impressive factors about the Echelon Race saddle is that it comes with lightweight foam padding and a luxurious multi-texture, high-gloss and abrasion-resistant, aramid ballistic cloth covering for extra comfort and durability.

Final specifications about the Echelon Race saddle which make it the best seat for racing are that it has conveniently reduced profiles to prevent snagging on pants and that it is available in black, red or blue or black/white.

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6. Eastern Fat Pivotal BMX Saddle

The Eastern Fat BMX Seat is a close contender to the regular Eastern Fat Combo seat, however this is target towards more experienced riders who have a customized setup with their own BMX saddle post, so have no need for an integrated seat leading to a lighter overall seat among other impressive features.

  • Weight : 0.5 LBS
  • Fitment type : Pivotal
  • Post Diameter : Does not included post, must be bought separately.
  • Style of BMX frame most suited for : Freestyle & Street

More reasons to why experienced BMX riders are drawn to the Eastern Fat Pivotal saddle are that its constructed from durable nylon cover which prevents the seat from having tears to keep its stylish embroidered appearance looking great!

Final points to make about the Eastern Fat Pivotal saddle are that it has a very user friendly, easy to adjust pivotal seat and thick comfy padding to allow the rider to have long and comfortable rides, all at a great value for money price tag!

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BMX Seat Buying Guide

Purchasing a new BMX seat can be tasking decision when considering building your BMX setup. Many newbie riders may struggle with this task, especially when not knowing which factors to look at for, however in this guide we explain key features you should check out before purchasing a BMX saddle!

BMX Seat

BMX Seat Fitment Types

Ensuring that you have your preferred fitment type is important, if you’re not aware a fitment type is the manner of the way the base of a BMX seat connects to the seat-post’s top. Here are various different types of fitment examples:

Integrated BMX Saddles

An integrated seat is where a seat and seat-post are sold as one unit, which means they cannot be separated. It is essential when purchasing an integrated seat to ensure that the seat-post diameter matches the interior diameter of your BMX frame’s seat top tube! Most street, freestyle, race and dirt jump BMX frames require a 25.4 MM post diameter.

Standard BMX Saddles

Standard seats have a basic metal pipe that slides into the a BMX frame’s seat top tube, with a saddle bolted onto the top with clamp which is often deemed as the ‘guts’ of the seat. This type of fitment is more common with older and lower budget BMX’s.

Pivotal BMX Saddles

Pivotal seats are becoming more of standard in modern times as the top of the seat-post is moulded with multiple series of adjustment grooves where the saddle rests. Both are then secured by a singular bolt which goes through the top of the seat.

Railed BMX Saddles

Railed saddles are similar to a MTB or road bike standard, whereby they similarly have two rails beneath the saddle and a corresponding twin-bolt clamp on the top of the seat post to allow you to make minor adjustments.

Tripod BMX Saddles

Tripod saddles are another more standard type of fitment type as it involves a triangular plate on top of the seat post which has three connection points to the seat, one at each corner(three points of support).

BMX Seat Materials

Most BMX seats has a moulded hard plastic hull with usually a minimal polyurethane foam padding which will either usually have a leather or synthetic.

Cover materials can vary massively as you may have a preference towards leather which is extremely comfortable and durable, although more expensive.

Although synthetics such as nylon are extremely durable, tough and they’re a lot cheaper.


There are multiple widths with BMX seats; slim, mid-width and fat. Slim seats are preferred more over by race riders as the sides of the saddle do not snag or brush against your legs or clothing whilst cycling. Fat seats are more favoured by jump riders as they offer a large amount of grip surface for a riders thighs to grip. Mid-width seats are popular among freestyle and street riders as they have a compromise between fat and slims seats with benefits from both.

Post Diameter (Integrated Seat)

It is a vital factor to take into consideration that if you’re purchasing an integrated seat, to ensure that it’s radius diameter is 22.4 MM. This is important as this is the standard size for top tubes similar to what are found on these types of BMX frames for fitting a BMX seat pole into.


Overall your choice of BMX seat can be based on your preferences, such as the width that suits your style or the type of material you find most comfortable. Ensure you pick the correct preferences as this can affect your comfort whilst travelling and performance whilst preforming tricks!

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