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The Best Gifts For BMX Riders 2021

Best Gifts for BMX Riders

Looking for gifts for BMX riders, importantly around Xmas time can be complicated, as you’re unaware whether the receiver will enjoy the gift or not.

If you’re not a BMX rider yourself, you will most likely not have any idea of which BMX accessory to buy. Although, to save you hassle and time I have created a guide to assist you.

I’ve additionally taken into consideration different types of BMX riders needs, prices ranges and styles for products. Below is an article on the best gift for BMX riders for all price ranges.

Gifts For BMX Riders

1. BMX ShoesBMX Shoes

Riding BMX is a difficult sport that only a few athletes take on and learn. This is because you have to practise day in & day out to preform tricks swiftly. You probably don’t think it, but having the correct BMX shoes can play a large job in keeping you on your bike.

BMX shoes are an ultimate gift for any BMX rider that you may know. The reason is because it helps a rider to be comfortable for long periods of time whilst at a skate park or out riding.  Additionally, BMX shoes have different innovations which make them look more stylish, provide better flexibility and mobility.

We have created a informal guide to BMX shoes if you wish to impress a BMX gift receiver.

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2. GoPro Hero CameraGoPro Hero Camera

People love filming awesome stuff that happens in their lives. BMX riders are no exception with filming their tricks. A GoPro Hero camera is the best sports action camera on the market for any BMX rider as its waterproof, durable and lightweight. This makes it perfect for riders as its damage proof!

Additionally, a GoPro Camera has various mounts, frames and buckles that you can purchase which gives you the option of having awesome angles and shots. Also its a great all round family camera that can be used for biking, skiing or any other family event.

Ultimately the GoPro Hero sports action camera is the perfect gift for any BMX rider and their family.

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3. BMX HelmetBMX Helmet

It is incremental that if you decide to get into BMX riding whether it is street or park riding, that you wear a helmet. This is because without one you could risk serious injury, so it is best to purchase one that is ASTM & CPSC safety certified as some parks don’t let you ride without one!

Purchasing a durable BMX helmet is an ideal gift for BMX riders as it’ll keep them safe from potential injuries for years to come. Also, over the years there has been large developments in helmet innovations as now they have beneficial features such as better ventilation and fitting settings.

We have created a detailed article to BMX helmets if you wish to find the perfect one!

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4. BMX Safety GearBMX Safety Gear

As stated before, it is vital for a BMX rider to be safe and protected whilst riding street or park. This is because without protection you are at serious risk to injury. You are better safe than sorry as they say!

Purchasing the correct safety gear that protects your knees and elbows goes a long way, this is why it’s a perfect gift for BMX riders. The advantage of buying this set of gear together is that they’re matching, which means they’re more stylish and more likely to be worn by a BMX rider. Make sure you check manufacturers size guides!

Overall a decent set of BMX safety gear would be an ideal present for any new rider!

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5. BMX TiresBMX Tires

One of the most important parts of a BMX is the tires, this is because they play a huge role in a riders performance and control whilst riding. They come in various styles and colors to suit whatever preference you have for your setup.

Purchasing the correct BMX tires can be the best gift for a BMX rider as it’ll help them in their style of riding. For instance if they’re a freestyle rider, finding a decent set of wide tires will provide them with a lot of grip to better control their BMX!

Overall a decent set of BMX tires would be an ideal present for any new rider!

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6. BMX Multi-ToolBMX Multi-Tool

One of the most useful gifts for a BMX rider is a BMX multi-tool, this is due to it being one of the best practical items a BMX rider can have on them. This is because a multi-tool is an all in one, multi-purpose tool set that has different heads, sizes & Allen keys fit to work on any BMX.

Purchasing a decent BMX multi-tool set can go a long way as a perfect gift for any BMX rider as they can not just use it as a tool on BMX, but it can be practical in everyday life to work on your house or car.

Ultimately a decent BMX Multi-tool set would be a very practical present for any rider.

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7. BMX SocksBMX Socks

Giving socks at Christmas time can be seen as a tradition or a joke, however every BMX rider appreciates them as they’ll be going through many pairs whilst riding. Moreover one of the best feelings is wearing a brand new pair of socks.

Some may see BMX socks as not being the most crazy gift, but they do shape a BMX rider’s personality. This is due to the fact that they become associated with their favourite brand & teams.

Overall, a pair of BMX socks is a cheap and comfortable gift for any BMX rider.

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8. Audio & EarphonesAudio & Earphones

Riding your BMX and listing to music are a great combination, especially when you’re riding in the park or street and you want to chill out. Having a great set of earphones can give you an adrenaline packed session, to motive you to perform the best tricks.

Purchasing a decent set of Bluetooth or noise cancellation earphones would be an excellent gift for any BMX rider as the earphone market has a huge range of different pairs of earphones that should suit anyone’s preferences.

Overall a set of earphones would be an ideal gift for any BMX rider!

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9. BMX Travel BagBMX Travel Bag

BMX travel bags are incredible gifts for BMX riders as it allows them to be more mobile with their riding. This is because it allows you to pack your BMX effectively & efficiently so that you can transport it in safe storage.

BMX travel bags make a perfect gift for a BMX rider as it allows them to safely secure their bike whilst travelling around the world with causing them any inconvenience or troubles.

Overall a BMX travel bag would be perfect for any rider!

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10. BMX Handlebar GripsBMX Handlebar Grips

BMX grips are an essential for any rider who wishes to have great control of their bike. This is because your grips are your main contact point whilst riding your BMX, which means having ‘grippy’ and impact absorbing grips make your life easier.

BMX grips are a great gift for any BMX rider. Other factors that’ll make the gift enticing is that you can purchase very styles and colors of BMX handlebar grips to suit any riders preference.

Ultimately a set of BMX grips would suit any rider!

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Looking at gifts for BMX riders is a difficult job, especially around the Xmas period for someone who doesn’t know a lot about the BMX market. Hopefully our recommendations assist you with this issue.

I’ve gone through a huge majority of our ‘best-buys’ from various articles we’ve produced, in order to give the best gifts you can find.

They are suggestions that will bring a smile to your gift receiver’s face! If you have any other ideas for awesome gifts for BMX riders, please mention them in the comment section below!

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