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The Best BMX Pedals 2020

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BMX pedals are an important part of the bike as they are an incremental factor in balance and control whilst riding, whatever style, level and discipline you perceive yourself as a rider.

The best BMX pedals are the ODYSSEY Twisted Pedals as it offers the rider with 10 different color-ways with the comfort of being extremely lightweight at 3lbs, whilst having a large footing area with studs to allow the rider to have high levels of grip.

Buying new pedals can be a difficult task as there are many factors to look over such as colors, comfort, weight and foot-area of the pedal.

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Best Pedals For BMXing

BMX PedalsColor-WaysWeight(LBS)
ODYSSEY Twisted Pedals103LBS
FOOKER Pedals140.79LBS
Imrider Pedals41LBS
Fyxation Gates Pedals71LBS
Black Ops Gummy Pedals50.8LBS
Retrospec Pedals80.6LBS

It is important to look at the weight of certain pedals as some pedals may weigh more than others which means that it could be potentially more difficult to preform tricks with a heavy pedal and more likely to have a worse pedal related injury, although it gives you more efficient pedal-to-power ratio.

Also ensure that you’re looking for pedals with good grip features, as poor grip leads to the rider misplacing or slipping their feet which can lead to injuries and less control in general.

Below is a list of all of the best BMX pedals along with their features.

ODYSSEY Twisted BMX Pedals

The first recommended BMX pedal is from a very reputable brand ODYSSEY who has consistently been producing high quality BMX goods and this is another example of their prime quality products.

The ODYSSEY BMX Pedal are plastic pedals which come at 4inches by 4 inches wide and 1 inches thick making them a perfect dimension for an average to pro rider for achieving maximum grip whilst riding.

The BMX pedals only weigh in at 3lbs as well which makes them one of the lightest on the market which allows them to give the rider a smoother feel whilst riding as they don’t feel too rigid and large for your feet.

The ODYSSSEY pedals have further benefits such as the variation of colors they are produced in as well as having mini studs that grip to your feet for better control whilst riding, all of this at a great value for money price.

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The next set of pedals on the recommended list is the FOOKER BMX pedals which are designed with the safety and performance of the rider in mind.

The FOOKER’s pedal body are made out of a nylon composite material, which make the BMX pedals extremely comfortable for the user as well as having a anti skidding advantage to them. Further benefits of using the nylon composite are that it makes the pedal waterproof and dustproof, prolonging the product life cycle and durability of the BMX pedals.

Further durability factors are that they have a chromoly steel axle bearing in the pedals, making the rigid, more controlling/stable and offering a better chance of a longer service life when compared to other competitors.

The BMX pedals are perfect for any average teenager/adult as they’re 4.3inches by 3.9 inches which gives the rider an impressive amount of foot-to-pedal surface area to maintain grip onto the pedals whilst riding, also making them more suitable for fitting soles of the rider’s shoes onto them.

The pedals also come in at only 0.79lbs, which on the whole is very light weight in the industry allowing them to give more control to the rider as they’re not overweight. Other benefits also include their big tread thickness which provides protection and a comfortable experience to the rider.

Finally the affordable BMX pedals come in over eight different color variations, as well as anti-skid nails, to increase friction on the pedal so that the BMX rider’s shoe does not slip, overall these factors put the FOOKER BMX pedals very high up on our recommend BMX pedals list.

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Imrider BMX Pedals

The next BMX pedals are produced from Polyamide, by an innovative brand called Imrider. These BMX pedals are produced from Polyamide, which has benefits over the rest of the plastic pedals in the market in certain ways such as having an anti-skid nail surface which enables a strong grasp so that you do not skid off the pedal and potentially be injury prone.

Further benefits include a large platform area shape for increased comfort whilst riding for long periods of time and to increase pedal efficiency whilst riding.

The Imrider pedals keep you safe as with tough spindles/spikes that enable a great grip to your BMX whilst riding to prevent a sudden slip or mishap whilst riding which could lead to an accident.

Additionally the polyamide material is of such high quality it has incredible abrasion resistance and is also resilient to corrosion, along with coming in four different colorways. Finally the pedals come in at a light weight of 1lbs for added control over the BMX for the rider, overall a great, high quality pedal fit for purpose at an affordable price.

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Fyxation Gates BMX Pedals

The next set of highly recommended BMX pedals are the Fyxation Gates BMX Pedal, which are a rigid and durable set of nylon body built pedals designed to take high impact landings and abuse.

The Fyxation’s have a wide surface platform to enable the rider to have maximum comfort whilst riding but also having that crucial control simultaneously.

They have a moulded surface on the outside of the pedals to ensure a grippy ride for the user, as well as being compatible for most pedal straps and hub systems across the BMX range.

They provide the choice of over eight color variations all at an affordable price and a light weight pedal that only weighs 1lb!

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Black Ops Gummy BMX Pedals

The next set of BMX pedals is the Black Ops BMX Gummy Pedals which are a more simplistic, yet stylish and affordable BMX pedals.

Firstly the Black Ops BMX pedals come in over five variations of translucent resin one-piece body’s which allow the rider to choose from a stylish range of colors to their preference but, also to have a tough and durable pedal that is guaranteed to last a long life span.

The Black Ops pedals come in a moulded pin design which has a large surface area which ensures that the rider will have continued grip on the pedal as a contact point without risk of the riders foot slipping, causing an accident or worse off an injury as the pedals have enough friction anti slip material to prevent this from happening.

Shockingly due to the tough design and others on the market with similar high quality standards, the Black Ops pedals come in at an extremely light weight at only 0.8lbs for the pair which is extremely light for their quality overall making the Black Ops BMX Gummy pedals a great choice for any discipline of rider to choose as their choice of BMX pedal.

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Retrospec BMX Pedals

The Retrospec Low Profile BMX pedals are the most recommended affordable BMX pedals on the list, however this does not mean that they are of poor quality, it’s the opposite in this case.

Firstly, the Retrospec pedals are produced in eight different color variations with a one piece high grade PP body which makes them incredibly durable and of high quality when put up against rivals in the market.

They only weigh 0.6lbs, which makes them one of the lightest pedals on our recommended list, which is an impressive specification which will allow the rider to have more control and ease with tricks on the BMX.

Other features include safety standards such as the built in reflectors inside of the pedal and toothpicks integrated into the pedal to ensure the riders shoe is gripped to the pedal and does not slip being prone to injury.

Overall these Retrospec’s come in any available color suited for any rider, are highly durable and will withstand any punishment through riding with ease.

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BMX Pedal Buying Guide

Purchasing new BMX pedals can be a difficult task as a casual or experienced rider, however in this guide we show key factors you should look out for before purchasing that will enable you to make the perfect buy.

BMX Pedal

Plastic .Vs. Metal BMX Pedals

Pedals are important as they’re contact points on the BMX for the rider, most these days are produced from plastic which makes them less injury prone for riders shin’s although the disadvantage to this is that they aren’t as durable when compared to metal pedals which are more durable for BMX riding however, can cause more damage to your shins in an accident.


It is also important to wear proper BMX shoes as a flatter shoe gives you more grip on the studs of the BMX pedal, which means better control, comfort and performance!

It’s also a good to search for larger foot-area preference for pedals if you have a larger than average shoes size as it will make your riding more comfortable!


Overall there are a number of pedals out there however not having the correct preferences can make your pedal using experience difficult and comfortable, furthermore its vital that you ensure the pedals have suitable grip other wise the purposes are made redundant whilst you’re riding!

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