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The Best BMX Brakes 2020

BMX Stopping

A proper set of BMX brakes is a vital part of your BMX as they’re responsible for stopping you from endangering yourself and prevent accidents as they’re able to slow down you down effectively.

The best BMX brakes are the ODYSSEY Springfield brakes as they offer the rider with effective stopping power from a simple U-Brake system that uses a standard BMX size width of 18″-29″ x 1.5″– 2.5″.

Buying a new BMX chain can be a difficult task as there are many factors to look over such as brake type, brake lever, weight.

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Best Brakes For BMXing

BMX BrakesWeight (Grams)Brake Kit Type
Odyssey Springfield354gU-Brake
Origin 8725gV-Brake
Tektro 930AL589gV-Brake
Odyssey 1999430gU-Brake
Curb Dog490gU-Brake

It is an important factor to look at the type of pads the brakes use, as this can make a difference of the stopping power. This is because the better quality and surafce area of the brake pad, the greater the stopping power will be which means the rider can use the brakes later and more effectively.

Also ensure to to check out the standard fit of the chain and ensure it is a standard fit size of 18″-29″ x 1.5″– 2.5″ which will make it suitable for most BMX’s on the market!

Below is a list of all of the best BMX brakes along with their features.

ODYSSEY Springfield BMX Brakes

The ODYSSEY Springfield brakes are the best BMX brakes available for purchase on the market currently, as they’re incredibly durable, effective and easy to install.

The ODYSSEY Springfield come in a standard color black and a fit size of 18″-29″ x 1.5″– 2.5″, which means its’s suitable for most or all wheel sizes across the market, also only weighing 354 grams.

The ODYSSEY BMX brakes come in a rear wheel use ‘U-brake’ type with a short pull brake lever actuation which enables the rider to make a smooth and effective stop.

The ODYSSEY BMX brake kit includes all the important gear such as the one spring design, a hinged medium Springfield lever and the impressive set of high quality ODYSSEY Ghost pads which are one of the best on the market!

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Origin 8 BMX Brakes

The Origin 8 are the next best set of ‘V-brake’ type BMX brakes that are design for the average and regular commuter type riders as they’re effective in all conditions and have high durability rates.

The Origin 8 come in a near to standard size of  6″ x 12″ x 6″, which means its very compatible for most BMX’s similarly to the ODYSSEY Sprinngfield BMX brakes and only weighs 725 grams.

The Origin 8 BMX brake kit includes all necessary gear for any rider to setup such as levers, cables, housing and calipers. Additionally this brake kit comes with two sets of brakes for rear and front wheels, allowing the rider to have the option to choose and benefit from.

The Origin 8 BMX brakes come with the option of black or silver color-ways and come in a forged alloy construction with front dual spring tension adjustment which enables the rider to have immediate or effective braking efficiency.

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Tektro 930AL BMX Brakes

The Tektro 930AL BMX brakes are designed for more novice/beginner riders as they are designed with dual tension linear springs which allow for immediate application of brakes with effective stopping power, which is an important feature for not just any rider but a beginner especially.

The Tektro 930AL’s are a ‘V-brake’ type design which are designed for the more novice rider who will be able to have a more controlled stop in any conditions with intimidate effect.

The Tektro 930Al’s come in a near to standard size of  8.9″ x 6.5″ x 3.2″, this makes them compatible for a majority of the BMX’s on the market all at a lightweight of only 589 grams.

The Tektro 930AL brake kit comes with a reach-adjustable lever with a cable & housing. The V-brakes are forged with alloy steel making them incredibly durable.

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ODYSSEY 1999 BMX Brakes

The ODYSSEY 1999 brakes are designed by the reputable ODYSSEY brand which are used by riders such as Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan alike. They are used by these notable riders as they’re very effective in their braking times without needing to put a lot of pressure to enforce them.

The ODYSSEY 1999 come in a near to standard size of 7″ x 6.5″ x 2.2″, this makes them very compatible for any standard size wheel for most BMX bikes.

The ODYSSEY 1999’s are a ‘V-brake’ type design which are produced for effective breaking in any conditions, perfect for any style/level of rider.

The ODYSSEY 1999 BMX brakes come with the option of black or silver color-ways and come in a durable steel construction with a complete brake kit containing the brakes, lever and cable with a reach of 66-69mm reach.

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The Curb Dog BMX brakes are the perfect set for beginner/average riders as they’re very durable and effective, all at an affordable price tag.

The Curb Dog BMX brakes come in a near to perfect standard size of 6″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″, which makes it near perfect for most BMX wheels.

The Curb Dog comes in a ‘V-brake’ type design similar to many of the other selections on this recommendation list, this is a great choice of design for most riders as it is reliable in most condition and prolongs the longevity of the pads durability.

The Curb Dog BMX brakes come in a kit of a muscle bound caliper, with an alloy universal lever and a brake caliper. These are great for freestyle BMX and include a slick cable for front or rear use.

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BMX Brakes Buying Guide

Purchasing new BMX brakes can be a difficult task that any rider whether they’re new or experienced can struggle with, however in this guide we show key important factors you should keep an eye out for before your decision that will enable you to make the perfect purchase.

BMX Brakes

‘Detanglers’ and ‘Gyros’

Detanglers and Gyros are similar products produced by manufacturers, where by a rider can use the detangler or gyro to turn their bars a full 360 degrees around whilst riding or preforming tricks, a numerous amount of times.

This is because of the design of the detangler and gyro prevent the riders BMX brake cables from twisting and getting stuck around their stem.

Detanglers and gyros tend to be used for rear brakes only as the front brake cables turn at the same time as the caliper, which allows them to be threaded just through the stem with ease.


The most highly praised detangler/gyro on the market at this current time is the ODYSSEY G3, this is because of many factors that make it user friendly and robust.

The ODYSSEY G3 allows the rider to have increased cable travel, with a great fit for its function and has proven durability as it has a shielded cable for increased life with Knarps included in the kit to allow custom fitting onto the BMX.

Additionally it has no sharp edges, a smoother bearing unit than most and comes in at a very affordable price for the high quality product you acquire.

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Going Brakeless

Many riders chose to go brakeless as it enables them to not worry about cables twisting around their bars.

When going brakeless you can stop by pressing the sole of your shoe into the back tire and frame to slow yourself down, but be warned that this isn’t the safest method and can lead to delayed braking and your shoe durability being reduced as you’ll worn them down quickly.


Overall there are a number of BMX brakes and detanglers/gyros out there however not having the correct preferences can make your braking using experience difficult and dangerous, furthermore its vital that you ensure the brakes have suitable effectiveness other wise the purposes are made redundant whilst you’re riding!

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