How To Become A Pro BMX Rider

How To Become A Pro BMX Rider

So many riders these days in the BMX industry always ask the same question, is there a guide on how to become a pro BMX rider? The short answer is no, otherwise everyone would be a pro BMX rider, although we’ve complied some advice from pro and amateur BMX riders for some guidance.

It is important to understand what a pro BMX rider is firstly. A pro BMX rider is someone who earns a living from BMX riding, through sponsorship or competition. This is done when you attract an audience, then a business pays you to endorse their product to them.

So down below we’ve created some tips on how to improve the chances of you becoming a pro BMX rider! These include lifestyle changes and long terms goals to aim for, there’s no easy way to become a pro BMX rider, remember that!

How To Become A Pro BMX Rider

1. Ride More – Develop Your Skills 

Firstly you should have a goal to improve your skills and tricks abilities to the best possible position that you can. This is because a good portion of professional BMX riders become famous because of their abilities. Moreover by preforming unique set of skills, its separates you from other riders who cannot reach this standard.

Impove Your BMX Skills

Thus is means that the more you ride, the more you practise, the better the chance that you become a professional BMX rider. Furthermore you become more comfortable on your BMX, meaning that you’ll have better chance of executing tricks in-front of an audience or at a skate competition.

So get out there and practise your tricks!

2. Take Care Of Yourself Like A Pro BMX Rider

There’s a lot of pressure surrounding being a pro rider, as you are always at risk when performing a trick, which could put you out for injury for month or even years. This happened to Scotty Cranmer, which we discussed in an article here before.

Pro BMX Rider

One way you can take care of yourself is by wearing protective pieces of gear, such as a BMX helmet. Simple protection, can prevent horrific injuries, so make sure that you keep safe.

3. Enter BMX Competitions & Become A Local Legend

To become know nationally, you firstly need to dominate your regional scene. By entering competitions and winning or wowing the spectators, this will give you a lot of attention from potential local or large BMX businesses, who’ll want you to win competitions with their products!

Enter BMX Competitions

One factor you need to bear in mind is that many riders can crack under pressure, which means that you’ll need to perform tricks in front of a crowd. Especially considering that a lot of BMX brand representatives may be there to scout out for new talent.

4. Build A Following Online

One key factor that you’ll need to work on is building a following through social media applications and websites such as Instagram and YouTube. By doing this, it builds your personal brand and the value to a brand looking to sponsor you, as if you have a large following, it means that you can give their products a greater exposure.How To Become A Professional BMX Rider


Do you connect well to your audience? This is because successful BMX riders have funny and outgoing personalities such as Harry Main. The overall goal is to build a large and loyal fan base, someone who has done this effectively is Josh James, who has also created his own clothing business, which has a loyal audience too. Check out his Instagram and Youtube channel for a BMX rider who has built their personal brand extremely well.

5. Build Your Network In The BMX Industry

Networking in the BMX industry is vital, as the saying goes ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’. You may notice that if you begin to build a following and have been winning local competitions, you may get approached by local brands. However don’t be afraid to contact and communicate with companies yourself, as some companies can be open to this, we’ve created an article on the best BMX sponsors here.

BMX Industry

Remember that making money with BMX sponsorship isn’t be all and end all, as some BMX brands may offer you products for free in exchange for exposure of their products. One great method of obtaining products is by showing the amount of exposure that you can provide for a brands products through analytics by emailing them, getting your foot through the door.

Conclusion – It’s Not Easy To Become A Pro BMX Rider

Overall, it takes a long time and a lot of work to become a pro BMX rider, as there’s no easy way to becoming one, otherwise everyone would be sponsored professional rider. Although by analysing the guide that we’ve created, it’ll increase your chances massively in becoming a sponsored pro rider.

Become A Pro BMX Rider

Skilled riders who know how to promote themselves online, are the most likely to become sponsored. This is because they are the most organic way of BMX business to advertising.

Just remember to try and establish relationships with BMX business representatives, along with other riders so they can spread your profile and skill set through word of mouth.

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