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The Best Gifts For Skateboarders 2021

Best Gifts for Skateboarders

Buying gifts for skateboarders, especially around Christmas time is difficult, as you’re not sure whether the person who is receiving the gift will love it.

If you are not a skateboarder, you will most likely not have a clue at all of which skateboard accessory to buy. Although, to save you time & hassle we have created a guide to help you.

Below is an article on the best gifts for skateboarders for all budget options.

Best Gifts For Skateboarders

1. Skateboard Shoes

Best Gifts For Skateboarders
Skateboarding can be a challenging sport to tackle and learn. Practising these tricks and skills can take time to master. You may think otherwise, but shoes can play a significant role as they’re the contact point between you and your board.

Skateboard shoes are perfect gift for a skateboarder as it helps them to remain comfortable whilst skating for a long time. Moreover there are different types of skate shoes  which offer various developments in styles, mobility and flexibility.

We have written a detailed guide to skateboard shoes if you want to impress a skateboard gift receiver.

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2. Skateboard BackpackSkateboard Backpack

Investing into a decent backpack with skateboard straps can make transporting your skateboard more practical and convenient. Moreover it doubles up being a multipurpose backpack for school and work.

Skateboard backpacks are a perfect gift for skateboarders as they’re super useful with the amount of variable types on the market which offer different types. These different types of backpacks for skateboarding offer variable levels of padding, styling and strap types to make your carry experience much more convenient.

We have created a informational guide to skateboard backpack if you want to impress a skateboard gift receiver.

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3. Skateboard HelmetSkateboard Helmet

If you’re skateboarding, then its heavily recommended that you should wear a helmet for safety reasons. Without one you could risk serious injury, so it’s best to buy one that is CPSC & ASTM certified as some skate parks won’t let you skate without a helmet.

Purchasing a great skateboard helmet is a perfect gift for skateboarders as it’ll protect them from injury for years to come. Moreover, there have been huge developments in helmet technology in recent years as they now feature more eye-catching styling, better ventilation and fitting settings.

We have developed a detailed guide to skateboard helmets if you want to overwhelm a skateboard gift receiver.

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4. GoPro Hero CameraGo Pro - Best Gifts For Skateboarders

All skaters love to film their tricks and antics when they are out with their friends. A GoPro camera is one of the best sports-action cameras available to any skater today. This is because it is small, waterproof, shockproof, durable and lightweight. This makes it a perfect gift for skateboarders

Moreover, the GoPro Camera comes with different mounts, frames & buckles for various angles and shots that any skater wants. An additional benefit is that this camera isn’t just limited to skaters, its multi-purpose meaning that it can be used for skiing, biking, or any family event.

Overall the GoPro sports-action camera is not just an amazing gift for skateboarders, but for families on their adventures as well.

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5. Skateboard Socks

Best gifts for skateboarders
Gifting socks seems to be a tradition or a family joke sometimes, although they’re always appreciated especially with skateboarders. This is because the feeling of a new pair is one of comfiest experiences you’ll have and everyone needs a pair of socks.

Although skateboard socks may not be the most interesting gift, they do shape a skater’s personality. This is because they become associated with their favourite skate team/brands, shops and graphics.

Ultimately, a pair of skateboard socks is a cheap and cheerful gift for skateboarders.

6. Skateboard RampGifts for skateboarders - Skateboard Ramp

If you really want to impress a skateboarder, who maybe doesn’t have great access to a skate park then a skateboard ramp would be an awesome gift. This is because they can have a great home based skating experience with a ramp in their back garden!

Having a skateboard ramp means that a skateboarder doesn’t need to make a large commute to a skate park. Moreover it would be an awesome gift for skateboarders as it comes with two durable launch ramps with a tabletop connector(so it can be changed if you wish).

7. Skateboard DeckGifts for skaters - Skateboard Deck

Presently it is becoming a more and more popular to customize your skateboard. A way of doing this to portray your style is through a custom skateboard deck. Moreover a decks come in varied amount of styles, types and price ranges which means you should have too much trouble finding a perfect one.

Buying a new skateboard deck is an amazing gift for skateboarders as they tend to take a lot of abuse, so having a new deck will compliment their skating skills to the max.

We have created a new guide to skateboard decks if you want to overwhelm a skateboard gift receiver.

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8. Audio & HeadphonesBest presents for skateboarders - Audio & Headphones

Skating and music mix very well together, especially when you’re skating street or park and you want to relax. By having a decent set of headphones, it gives you a smooth grooving ride or an adrenaline packed skate with your best tunes to motive you to get that trick right.

Buying a decent set or noise cancellation or Bluetooth headphones would be a excellent gifts for skateboarders as they have a wide range of headphones that’ll suit anyone’s needs at varied prices.

Ultimately a set of headphones would be a great gift for skateboarders.

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Gifts for skateboarders - Skateboard Safety GearIt’s always important for a skater to be protected whilst skating park or street. This is because without it they’re prone to serious injuries. It goes without saying ‘better to safe than sorry’.

Buying a decent safety gear that protects your elbows and knees go a long way, which makes it a perfect gift for skateboarders. The benefit of buying this gear online today is that they come in a matching set so your skater is more likely to use the safety gear. Additional advice would be to double check a manufacturers sizing before purchasing to ensure its the correct size.

Ultimately a set of skateboard safety gear would be a great gift for skateboarders.

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10. Skateboard Grip TapeGifts for skateboarders - Skateboard Grip Tape

Skateboard grip tape is an important part of the setup, as it provides the skater with grip to their skateboard. The friction created by the grip tape enables the skater to have a lot more control and balance whilst skating.

Purchasing a new skateboard grip tape is an awesome gift for skateboarders, as these days they have funky and creative designs on them so the skater can show of their personality and have an eye-catching skateboard.

We have designed a new guide to skateboard grip tape if you want to amaze a skateboard gift receiver.

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Buying gifts for skateboarders can be a difficult job, especially around Christmas time for someone who does not know about the skating industry. Hopefully our recommendations help you out with this problem.

We’ve gone through a large majority of our ‘best-buys’ from different articles we’ve created, in order to give you the best quality gifts you could find. We’ve also taken into account different types of skaters needs, styles and your price ranges for products.

They are ideas that will bring a smile to your gift receivers face or will be useful to them whilst skating. If you have any other suggestions, please mention them in the comment section!

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