Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

When you first begin to get involved with BMX bikes, you may notice that there are certain aspects to them which are different to conventional bikes. One of those aspects is that their BMX seats are low, there are many reasons for this, which include their purposes originating from a racing background.

Additionally, BMX riders prefer to have their seats angled in different positions, for various preferences which include comfort and ability to reduce pressure in regions of their body.

So in this article we have detailed the reasons to why some riders have their BMX seats so low, even for a beginner to understand. Once you’ve under these reasons, it may aid you in searching for the best BMX seat for your setup!

Reasons Why BMX Seats Are Low

1. Grip To The Seat

One great reason to have your BMX seat low is that it allows you to be able to use it as an additional point of contact to your BMX. For instance, if you’re attempting a ‘no-hander’ related trick, such as ‘barspin‘, you can use the seat as a grip between your legs.

In addition to that, for riders who prefer to attempt more advanced tricks such as a ‘tail-whip’ or a ‘no-footed cancan whip’, the lower seat will not be an obstacle, as its not in the way.

2. Better Power Whilst Pumping

Another beneficial reason to why having a low BMX seat is great, is because of power! If you’ve been BMXing or mountain biking before, you’ll know that when your leg is straightened out whilst pumping out, you gain power and momentum from that. Many BMX riders state that you can gain better power pumps when the BMX seat is lower to the frame.

Moreover, many riders do this seating position as when you’re landing from a high impact jump, it prevents you from hitting into your own frame. Although if you’re going to commute, its always a good idea to angle the seat back into the correct position.

3. Lower BMX Seats Provide Better Clearance

A huge benefit for many freestyle and dirt jump BMX riders of having a low seat, is that it provides you with a greater clearance for body movement. This is important in terms of preforming tricks and landing from a large/high impact jump.

In addition to that train of thought, for those who enjoy freestyle BMX’s, a lower seat means that your legs can better absorb damage from high-impact landings. Alternatively if the seat was in a higher position, a rider may have to worry about their groin region upon impact as a BMX does not have suspension!

4. Protective Purposes

You may discover one key difference about BMX riding, is that you don’t actually sit down that much on the saddle when compared to mountain biking. You’ll soon discover that a large portion of your riding is done standing up, with the BMX seat being there to protect you from damages that could be due to your frame or seat post.

Reasons Why BMX Seats Are Low

BMX seats are only rarely used when you sit station to have a break or if you’re casually cruising down a hill for a break from pedaling. Alternatively different types of BMX types will offer different purposes.


When it comes to it, it’s all dependant on the style of BMX you ride. This is because freestyle and dirt jump BMX riders, will prefer to lower the seat for their style and stance of BMXing. This will bring them advantages such as protection from high impacts and the ability to preform more impressive tricks due to improved clearance.

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