How to Measure Your BMX Handlebars

Measure Your BMX Handlebars

One hurdle you may experience when upgrading your bike, is how to measure your BMX handlebars. This is because you’ll want to have suitable size for your bike setup.

If you have handlebars that are too large or small, it can lead to great discomfort and lack of control of your BMX, in comparison to more suitable handlebars.

Down below we have created a guide on the aspects that you should use as guidance when measuring the size of your BMX handlebars.

What Tools You Need To Measure BMX Handlebars

  • Screwdriver, preferably a flat head one.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Oil that penetrates high friction surfaces.
  • Straight edge object that’s at least 32 inches long.

Method To Measure Your BMX Handlebars Width

  1. Firstly you’ll need to loosen your two brakes, through disconnecting the brake clamps/kit from your handlebars. To do this, you should be using your screwdriver as previously mentioned. Then you can begin to slide your brake clamps from the handlebar.
  2. Then you’ll need to use your screwdriver to press it in-between the flared area of your grips and the handlebar, in order for you to un-tighten your brakes.
  3. Then you’ll need to use your penetrating oil, and apply it in the gap which you created, using your screwdriver.
  4. After  you have then removed your screwdriver, you should begin to twist your BMX grips and pull them from the center area of the handlebars, do this for both.
  5. You can then begin to place on end of your tape measure on one side of the handlebar, then pull it across to the other end. This will then be your handlebars width.

Method To Measure Your BMX Handlebars Rise

  1. Once you have measured the width, you’ll need to place your large straight edge object or rulers on the open ends of our handlebars. This helps you align the center of the bars at the end of the handlebar tubes.
  2. Following this you’ll need to pull your tape measure from the center of your bar, which would be connected to the stem. Draw the measuring tape across to the top point of your straight edge object/ruler. Read the measurements from the upper side of your straight edge ruler, then this should be the rise of your handlebars.
  3. If your measurements are in the area of 7/8 inches, then this is correct.

What Should Be The Correct Width Of My Handlebars?

As mentioned in a previous article that we’ve produced on how wide should your BMX handlebars be, its all relative to preference. Commonly, BMX handlebars tend to be around 27.0 – 30.0 inches, however this can alter depending on your size and style of riding.

BMX Handlebars Width

It’s always better to buy wider bars, as you can always trim them down to a suitable size, although be careful and confident about your decision. If you’re still unsure you can also check a local BMX shop who will help you.


Before deciding to buy a new set of BMX bars, you should always be confident in regards to the dimensions that you’re going to get. Although as mentioned, it’s always better to get wider handlebars, as you can always trim them down to size. In addition to that, knowing your sizes, will help you adjust your handlebars into the correct position, that’ll offer you comfort and support.

If you’re ever curious on what size would suit you more, its best to check out our guide on how wide should your bars be, as we feature a useful chart. Always remember after measuring your handlebars to properly reattach your bolts securely, as you could be ask risk on your bars from slipping, which could be dangerous.

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